Mechanical Blue Keyboard KG010-N by Eagletec Aluminum Ergonomic Design

$ 30.99

$ 37.99


Amazon Dec 04, 2019

Buy Mechanical Blue Keyboard KG010-N for $30.99 due to deal price has lowered down but the real price is $37.99 which means the deal lets you a discount of 18 percent and save $7.00. This is a gaming keyboard that has 104 keys with Custom Switches Mechanical blue that is designed for the responsiveness and greater durability along with longevity, The fast keys of mechanical with precise actuation, medium resistance, sound audible click, and bump feedback tactile.

The PC keyboard has a laser keycap etched that offers lettering that does not scratch off. The ALUMINUM is AIRCRAFT-GRADED and it is ABS CONSTRUCTION which is plate mounted with the keys and switches that to tough gaming application. There is an anti ghosting that has all 104 keyboards that are conflict free and n key rollover that allows the ultimate performance for gaming. This is an Ergonomic Non-Slip Design that is splash proof. It comes with numeric Full keypad and has a corrosion free gold-plated USB connector that provides a connection that is reliable. The keyboard is compatible with windows 7, windows 10, windows 8, Vista, XP, Limited OS Mac and so on.

This is one of the best keyboards in the market for gaming and working as well because the development has taken good amount of time to make this keyboard perfect. This has been developed keeping many professions in mind such as writer, gamer, etc. If you are a writer and wants to use this keyboard for work then it will make sure that you have a superb tool for office that you will just love it as the accuracy will lead to few typos and errors while being a gamer it will make you take your keyboard seriously as it becomes an extension of yourself naturally during intense session of gaming.


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