Lowest Price- YG - 300 LCD Projector 320 x 240 Home Media Player

$ 37.99

$ 45.84

17% off

GearBest Feb 10

YG - 300 LCD Projector carrying such a huge projector is difficult. Hence, this product is out to save a lot of space and this premium, portable, and high quality projector can be used by you with super ease. Not only at home but this one can be used everywhere, it could be camping with friends, in a professional meeting with your client or at a house party where you can surprise everyone with this little projector that has abilities to do wonder. The array for connectivity options are really vast which means its not only portable but it gives various USB options and ways to connect at different locations. The battery life is also very strong to make sure that it doesn't matter where you are and what you require, it will always be there.
YG - 300 LCD Projector now for $37.99 while it was earlier sold at $42.99, this is the lowest price we've seen.

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