Lenovo X1 LDS Robot Vacuum Cleaner with EU Plug - Lid Laser Navigation and Cleaning Technology

$ 429.99

$ 648.06

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GearBest 5 days ago

Lenovo X1 is a smart bedroom-bathroom-kitchen cleaner that saves you time and energy. Its 3-mode cleaning system cleans 20% more efficiently without noise.

It has 5.0 LDS Lidar which is an automated indoor navigation system that lets this device plan routes seamlessly. Its sweeping-only, mopping-only, and sweeping-mopping modes are covered by wire anti-winding and 4-way anti-jamming technologies to self-rescue whenever stuck to or under an object.

It has 170ml water tank, 585ml dust box, 3200 mAh long-lasting battery, and a powerful 2200pa suction. When on low battery, it auto recharges itself until fully charged. You'll be amazed by its 55dB noise reduction formula that maintains a quiet environment despite being it in action.

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