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Coupon: Get 32% OFF on GlacialPure Refrigerator Filter for EPTWFU01, Pure Source Ultra II (3-Pack)

$ 54.99

$ 80.97

32% off

GlacialPure Oct 09

Enter the coupon code "3GNH15" at the checkout to get 32% OFF discount for GlacialPure Refrigerator Filter for EPTWFU01, Pure Source Ultra II (3-Pack) (only $54.99).
Compatible with frigidaire eptwfu01, ultra11.

GlacialPure is a leading manufacturer of refrigerator water filters, committed to provide purer and fresher water, removing chemicals and bacterial microorganisms.

Advatnages of GlacialPure filter:

1.BETTER WATER GPE filter reduces chlorine taste and smell, removes 97% of lead and 24 contaminants. Purer, healthier and great tasted water are GPE filter’s commitment to everyone. What does GPE filter - Color, Chlorine, Copper, Zinc, Mercury, Lead.

2.More Economical, More environmentally friendly Each GPE filter provides 300 gallons of filtered water and 6 months filters life. Drinking filtered water instead of bottled can help reduce plastic waste. In one year you can save 1,800 disposable bottles from landfills and oceans with just 2 Long-last filters.

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