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Amazon Dec 25, 2019

Get V50 Pro Camera that comes with free Amazon support while the price has been lowered down to a very affordable amount of $129.99 only and the original price that earlier listed was $154.99 that provides a 16% discount and save $25.00. This is a special edition that has been partnered with Access Fund to launch this edition. This is an action camera that proceeds to fund a portion from every sold unit that goes to Access Fund which helps to support the environment that preserves threatened areas climbing for future and current generations.

If you wonder what is special in this camera then compared to the regular camera V50 Pro that features SE 4K60 videos, a wrist strap as a bonus, and three batteries in this accessory kit. The quality it delivers is simply stunning as it comes with 4K60, 720p240, and 1080p120 for videos and 20 MP camera for still pictures. It is enabled with EIS and six axis gyroscope position detect or automatically motion change and the guarantee of being smooth transaction that provides steady footage after you tilt the camera that means shaking and moving the camera won't matter much while using this camera.

The field view is absolutely adjustable as you have an option for varying to wide, super wide, narrow, and medium angle which is based on the preference of person and location requirements. It will also boast distortion lens correction if fish-eye or curved type clips is something you don't wish to have. There is an app called iSmart Pro Plus that allows to pair this action camera with your smart device which is simple to click and quickly celebrate the cliff dive, snowboarding jump, climbing trip, or cycling stunt on digital platforms. There is a port available for HDMI that will enable you to show the adventure on TV screens or projectors as well.


  • This is a lovely camera to have

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  • 16 percent off is just splendid

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