Game Headset Earphone Sony With Bluetooth + Mic

$ 3.59

$ 4.99


Aliexpress Oct 31, 2019

Buy the Game Headset Earphone Sony as the price drops down to $3.64 while the original retail price of the smartphone is $4.99 which means you get 27% OFF on this product. But once the sale starts on 11th November the price will further be dropped to $3.59. The shipping fee is $0.31 to US through Swiss Post (You get FREE shipping if you order 5 pieces) but please note that they don't have tracking option available. In case, if you are looking for a tracking option in shipping then you have other options such as ePacket that will cost $2.62, AliExpress will cost $3.85, and the DHL will cost $18.04. There are only 138 pieces are available while rest are already sold as it is a hot selling product. The estimated time of delivery is 10th December. The product also has guarantee of money back to protect the buyer within 60 days in case there is any quality issues. The device matches your style and fashion sense. It is available in color Black. Now you don't have to worry about matching the handset with your smartphone's color as Black goes with all the colors pretty well. Additionally, if you order ten pieces of it or more than that then you will get 5% OFF. The direct sound provides deep bass along with a frequency that has an extended response to your experience.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your Game Headset Earphone Sony now and make your lifestyle even more easy and relaxing while you don't have to worry about strangling of wires or getting worried about your movements during the workout. This is your chance to get the Earphone for only $3.59 which is the lowest price ever, thanks to the sale on AliExpress of 11.11 that makes your experience even better and improves your listening quality of music.

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  • Mic is good for receiving calls while driving

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