External SSD by Oyen Digital U32 Portable Drive

$ 629.10

$ 699


Amazon Nov 02, 2019

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Get the external SSD by Oyen Digital as the price drops down to $629.10 while the original price in the market for retail is $699.00 which means you save $69.90 and get 10% OFF. At the time of delivery, the buyer needs to provide their sign because the value of the product is high.

The signature will protect your device from loss or being theft. In case, if the product doesn't work then there is a FREE support provided by Amazon which will walk you to the setting for starting the device. The free support is available for 90 days from the day of delivery. To get this service, you need to go to the orders and choose get the product support option.

The device comes in two basic colors such as white and black. The shipping and the importing fee to India is $287.77 as the Amazon Global fee is $6.93 while the estimated fee to import deposit is $280. That makes a total of the product as $916.87. The USB type is C which is compatible with thunderbolt and 3.1 as well. It provides the transfer speed up to 575 MB which is excellent for any drive. The device is backed a USA three year warranty.

The deal is valid for limited period of time. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your external SSD by Oyen Digital and make your lifestyle even more easy and relaxing while you don't have to worry about your data getting deleted or unable to move files to send it to someone. Now you can simply carry the drive with you can share the content. This is your chance to get the drive for only $629.10 which is the lowest price ever, thanks to the deal on Amazon.com that makes your experience even better.


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