Echo Link Amp - Stream hi-fi music - attach speaker & online playlists

$ 239.99

$ 299.99


Amazon Dec 01, 2019

The Echo Link Amp is the new style to upgrade your music systems like speakers and online streamed playlists to the Hi-Fi sound quality. This device allows you to stream noise-free and HD music from your favorite services & channels online: Apple Music, Deezer, SiriusXM, Amazon Music, Spotify, etc.
It is easily compatible with any Echo device to listen to Alexa’s order. It also observes and accepts the different digital and analog existing stereo system at your home.
Either in the whole house or just in your headphones, this Echo Link Amp device will keep your music need satisfied. The whole mechanism of connecting this device with the internet using broadband or Alexa’s order is fairly easy.


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