Drawing Tablet A30 Graphics by VEIKK Free Pen 10 x 6 inches

$ 39.09

$ 48.59

20% off

Amazon 2 days ago

Get Drawing Tablet A30 Graphics for $39.09 though it was prior listed as $48.59 priced tablet. This deal will allow you to save $9.50 as there is a discount of 20 percent. The tablet gives you a large area to work on which is a fair space for drawing that is a 10 inches x 6 inches. This is only 9 mm thin that makes it light enough to use and carry around even at your work place. This is a pen that is battery free with pressure sensitivity of 8192 level. It does not need to charge as it is responsive that allows for uninterrupted constant using. The Smart Touch Gesture and the customized four Touch Keys make your work easy to zoom out and in or even redo or undo your work.

According to your habits of touching the keys it can be customized for your usage. The interface port is Type C which can be plugged in easily and plug out with any direction which is stable and convenient. It is very much Compatible with both windows as well Mac along with software such as Illustrator, Photoshop, Comic studio, Corel painter, Clip Studio, Manga Studio and so on. Basically, it allows you to explore any drawing software. For the pen, there are two buttons that switches the mode between the pen or eraser as well the mouse. The resolution is 5080 LPI while the read rate is 250 PPS.

The weight of the tablet is only 570 grams that will allow you to carry it and increases its portability. The package comes with a pen tablet, passive pen, one pen pocket, one USB cable, one quick guide, one driver card to download, eight extra nibs for pen, and one pen removal. This is designed for both left and right handed users.


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