Digital Pressure Tire Gauge by AstroAI

$ 7.99

$ 9.44


Amazon Dec 26, 2019

Buy Digital AstroAI Tire Gauge for $7.99 while its price was $9.44 and that saves $1.45 as the discount is 15%. This is something you did want to have handy as it helps to fill air in your tires that comes with an LCD Backlit display and nozzle that gets lighten for visibility in areas that are dimly light. The design of the device is made to maintain tire pressure correctly and increase the life of the tire.

Digital AstroAI fits nicely in the cars glove compartment and it is versatile for using in trucks, cars, motorcycles, bicycles and so on. We all get into the situations when we are traveling far away from our home or office and sometimes we reach a place where there is no shop around to check if the tires have enough pressure to go ahead with the journey and here's where this device comes handy as you don't need to rely on the guesswork and simply use this digital reading display and get the results clearly and instantly as it is being shown on the LCD that is made to increase the life of the tires you use in any of your vehicles.

Digital AstroAI easily forms nozzle seal with steam valve on the Schrader valves that provide a reading that is accurate and quick in just 0.5 increments and four settings that has a range of 0-150PSI, 0-10Kgf/cm², 0-10Bar, or even or 0-1000KPA as required. There is a simple button for on, off, and unit that will turn the tool on and you can select the range and then it will shut down automatically within thirty to forty seconds that is great as it saves a lot of power which is required while traveling. There is a warranty included of one year along with the battery.


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