(Deal Ends in 2 hours) Govee Thermometer Hygrometer, Accurate Indoor Temperature Humidity Sensor with Notification Alert, LCD Bluetooth Temp Humidity Monitor with Data Storage for House Garage

$ 9.74

$ 14.99


Amazon Dec 01, 2019

Govee thermometer hygrometer has an LCD display for real-time readings that indicates levels of comfort easily. These levels are Dry, Comfort, or Wet. It has a built-in sensor made in Switzerland named SHT30. This helps in precise monitoring and recording accurate temperature and humidity data.
It also comes with Bluetooth feature, so you can monitor it from any location within 80 meters with no obstacles.
If the temperature or humidity is going outside the preset range, then your registered mobile number often rings up an alert to check the error and rectify it on the spot. Even the graph helps in visualizing the overall degree of the temperature.


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