[cyber Monday sale] Nourison Tranquil Floral Modern Rug

$ 10.32

$ 59


Amazon Dec 03, 2019

This rug is brought forward by Nourison, a brand that makes the durable rug and other home décor accessories in the market. It is widely available in other sizes as well — for example, 9x12, 5x7, and 6x9.
You can place this beautiful rug in an area where the traffic is moderate, like backyard, garages, around the furnace in winters, around the favorite nooks for studying and reading, etc.
It has a borderless design with gray and pink shade. The fabric is purely and 100 % Polypropylene. So, we can say you can easily use this rug under Tranquil Floral collection by Nourison for years to come.


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