Controller Charger for Xbox One by KINGTOP

$ 19.49

$ 22.99


Amazon Dec 24, 2019

The price of the controller charger for Xbox one was earlier $22.99 but now it has been reduced at $19.49 that makes you a savings of $3.50 and provides a 15 percent discount. It is compatible with the new one x, original Xbox One, and elite version of Xbox one that allows you to enjoy the gaming experience for a long uninterrupted hour. The charging time has been cut short to only 3.5 hours to 4 hours of charging and that charge stays for about eight to ten hours. The indicator led will turn green when its fully charged and while charging it will show red color.

This is a user-friendly device that allows you to charge even two controllers simultaneously as you can simply put the controller equipped on the dock for charging and it will automatically start charging without any need to remove the batteries. If you want to extend your timing to play without being worried about losing the time in just charging then this is the device you need. This is a safe product to use for kids as well because it comes with protection for overcharging that helps to secure circuitry.

No more worrying about the disposable batteries and replacing them between playing an intense game instead continuously play the game and have a backup as you can charge two controllers at the time so that when one is in use and another one can be kept on charging so that you don't have to wait. The power of the charging dock is great as it fully charges 1200 mah really quick. In the pack, you will get one dual charging station, two 1200 mAh battery NiMH rechargeable packs, and one micro-USB 2.8 feet charging cable which makes it convenient to use even if your wall socket is at a distance.


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