Bilikay W1 Support AptX ACC TWS Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Earbud

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GearBest Oct 08, 2019

This wireless Bluetooth earbud consumes less power and uses less than 6mA current.
The battery size is 350ma which can power the earbud 4 to 5 times and the 40ma battery can run up to 5 hours at a stretch. Volume can be raised to 60% for 24 hours. The sound quality of the earbud is fantastic and users do not get any hesitation wearing these. It has a long battery life and a super long standby. The charging is faster with type-c charging and it can unlock music in more detail.

Compared to other headphones, the sound is clearer and the connection is simpler and faster. It has stable signaling power and faster transmission. The sound quality is not interrupted so, the user can have HIFI sound quality with its Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity. Whereas many of the headphones require manual settings for volume adjustment, this headphone gives you the service of touch-sensitive volume keys and song switching.

The whole process of the headphone is automatic. Once removed from the charger, the headphone automatically starts to work. Not only this, but it also remembers the previous pairing. The small rounded design makes it more precise and usable for the users. If worn for a long time, it does not put pressure on the ears of the users. Once fully charged, the headphone can run up to 5 hours and users can talk up to 24 hours if fully charged.

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