Baseus Gravity Car Phone Holder Car Mount

$ 8.72

$ 14.29

39% off

Aliexpress Aug 22, 2019

Shop Baseus Gravity Car Phone Holder Car Mount from BASEUS Official Flagship Store on Aliexpress with 39% discount. The phone holder features triangular fixation design and supports automatic locking and aunlocking by one touch. Pick and place the phone by one hand, which is easy and convenient while driving.
Baseus phone mount features 3 protection levels: powerful suction (stick type), persistent to great force, supports 2 level adjustments.
Your phone will stay still even on a bad road due to smooth linkage. It is safe and comfortable without hindering the view.
When the sucker is not sticky enough it is allowed to wash it.


  • I don't have a car but this is tempting.... Lol

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  • That's the most likable car phone holder/mount.

    • 25w
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  • This car mount really saves my day. It helps me trace my gps, or answer a call without holding my phone.

    • 27w
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