Aukey Focus Duo 36W Dual-Port PD Charger (PA-D2)

$ 19

$ 26.99

30% off

Amazon Feb 24

AUKEY's new Dynamic Detect technology is being debuted in three different models, PA-D1, PA-D2 and PA-D3. Each has different power and port specifications, from the 30W PA-D1 to the 60W PA-D3. Dynamic Detect allows all the power to be directed to a single port rather than being inefficiently shared across unused ports. PA-D2 allows you to charge a single device at 30W, compared to 18W for standard PD chargers of the same type.
Available for $19 when you clip the on-page coupon from a street price around $25, this is the first deal we've posted for the Aukey Focus Duo 36W Dual-Port PD Charger (PA-D2). While you'll have to provide your own USB-C cables, no other charger we tested matched this pick's speed for its size. The PA-D2 also comes with Aukey's typical two-year warranty. So if you're looking for a reliable option to get the fastest charge possible on two devices at once, this is a nice opportunity to save on our upgrade USB phone charger pick.

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