4mL NANO Liquid Glass Screen Protector Oleophobic Coating Film Universal for iPhone Huawei Xiaomi

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Aliexpress Sep 08, 2019

10x shock and scratch resistant
Reduces finger print trace
Anti-water stain
Completely invisible
Easy to apply
Works on any kind of screen even smart watches

How to Apply:
Step 1: simply clean your screen by utilizing the wet cloth, and dry with the green fabric.
Step 2: open the bottle and remove the gray rubber completely.
Step 3: pour fair amount of liquid to cover the surface (you most likely will end up with extra liquid so why not using it on the camera lens and the back "if its glass" or on another phone).
Step 4: spread the liquid using the dry cloth and wait 30 seconds.
Step 5: polish with the green fabric as needed.


  • Going to avail this deal.

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  • definitely want to try this screen protector

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  • Will try it soon for my phone security

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  • I've used this on my smart watch, so easy to apply.

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