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$ 117

$ 117

Aliexpress Oct 09, 2019

Xiaomi MiTU Kids Phone Watch looks really cute and attractive.

Plus it has so many good features that your children will definitely find it amusing. It has a two-way 4G call, and you can adjust the volume really quick. It also has an HD 2MP camera which can be used when taking photos too, and for real-time HD video call. Plus this is very educational too, it has a built-in Xiaoai voice assistant or a talking encyclopedia.

So easy to use and gives you a comfortable feeling even if you are wearing it anywhere you go. This Xiaomi MiTU Kids Phone Watch also has an IPX7 waterproof feature. Which makes it more durable, kids can wear it even if it is raining.

This Xiaomi MiTU Kids Phone Watch is the most improved smartwatch that Xiaomi has released. Indeed Xiaomi is one of the best companies when it comes to gadgets and devices.

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