23andMe Health + Ancestry Service Kit: Personal Genetic DNA Test | Carrier Status |Trait Reports | Connect with those sharing your DNA

$ 99

$ 199


Amazon Dec 01, 2019

23andMe is a brand that cares about its patients. So, this kit of Health + Ancestry service helps patients their relatives depending on the DNA testing and the database, which has been circulated in the 23andMe servers.
With other health features like knowing your genes, health, chances of developing any genetic disease, and checking if you are a carrier of any of the terminal diseases, you can use this 23andMe Health + Ancestry kit to be aware of your health conditions at any point of the day.
Check the various ancestry features like the DNA composition and where you can find the people with similar DNA that leads up to 150+ regions across the world. Also, this kit also allows you to find, share, and connect with the people who have similar DNA like yours.


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