Zotac ZBox -MI574 Mini PC Review

Apr 21

Brand overview

Zotac is a worldwide reputable firm specialized in compact desktops that can be carried with you at all times. The ZBox MI574 has many predecessors and this latest model contains all the improvements that fans asked the company to implement. It is a solid and lightweight structure offering you the chance to relocate when the conditions require it. You can have the ultimate connectivity of Zotac while at the same time there is always enough space in the HDD to make you download all the items that please you from the worldwide web. Or just play online games which are the main function of the ZBox.


This is the smallest working gaming desktop in the market. It has the highest 32GB RAM that can give you access to any kind of online game requiring much of memory. The NVIDIA graphics adaptor, as well as the JBL speakers, can give you incomparable gaming experience. One of the greatest features of the ZBox remains its connectivity having a special wi-fi antenna to ensure proper connection to the home internet network.

Benefits / Reasons to choose

Some of the most important reasons to choose the ZBox can be the multiple USB 3.0 ports and the LAN/Ethernet connection that is always available to all people worldwide. The CPU has a special cooling system that keeps your microchips from overheating which is something common when playing online games for multiple hours. 

Another great benefit of the Zbox keeps on being the great cost for value ratio that gives it the first ranking against other desktops in the market. The internal battery can protect the Zbox from power fluctuations and keep it working even in a power outage.

Pros & Cons

As with every possible device, the Zotec ZBox keeps on having some pros and cons making it as earthy as it could be:


  • Features a less noisy operation than all previous models

  • It has all the new Intel multiple core CPUs to give you an excellent gaming experience

  • There are many connection ports to keep it connected with all possible peripherals

  • No hard installation manuals, just a simple easy access button


  • USB ports are only limited to the back. The front panel only has one of them

  • You cannot use it on an Apple or Mac Book screen


The Zbox price comes up to the level of the $480 which is among the most affordable price ranges you could possibly have. You can ask for some extra price reduction should you buy it from the official store, however, the big retailers are making also some discounts when you are buying multiple items from them.

How to install

The best way to install the ZBox would be to unbox it and press the on/off button. Then you should be sure that you can hook it up on your screen and start clicking the windows the way they appear. The installation takes only a few minutes and then you are ready to play the online games you desire. Make sure you have a fiber internet connection to ensure proper speed at all times.

Who can use

This Zotec ZBox PC has been made specifically for adult gamers that want to have their PC with them all the time. Even if you are going to the office, or on vacation, you may still have the gaming experience wrapped in a box and carried with you. All people who are fond of quality online gaming should have the ZBox.

How to order

The most popular way to order is through the Zotec official website. You may also earn free shipping if you are a qualified player. However, most of the ZBox sales are done either through Amazon or Gearbox, being the highly specified retailers for this reason.

Customer support

You can call the Zotec online support center 24/7 no matter where you live on earth. The trained personnel would be eager to listen to your issues and give direct solutions to your problems. The language barrier would never be an obstacle for your communication since the representatives are always bilingual.

Others to know

ZBox comes in a solid carcass giving you the chance to deal with mild impacts when you carry it across your place. The HDD is also close to 2 TB that is the most impressive hard disk memory you may find these days.


These are some of the most frequent questions about ZBox that you may find online these days:

Is ZBox only for gaming purposes?

ZBox specialized in gaming buy you may also use it for general purposes according to your desires.

Does ZBox have a cooling device?

Zotec has installed many new technology fans inside the ZBox to make sure that overheating will not affect your gaming or other computing experience with this product.


ZBox really is an impressive computing machine. You will always have the chance to connect with your other gaming mates and play online games for as long as you wish. There is the chance to follow the best graphics and sound effects and maintain a record of your achievements within the device.

ZBox can be your companion on trips or when you are bored at the office. It has been constantly giving you more for the money invested in it. Not to mention, that you always have the chance to use it as a normal PC which makes things even more realistic.

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