YEEUU Announces the Launch of K1 - Smart Lock Box with Fingerprint & Remote Access

Apr 04

YEEUU, an international team of smart home designers and engineers, just announced the release of their innovative Smart Lock Box with Fingerprint & Remote Access. This smart device provides secure storage of keys, badges and cards at a home or property location that can be accessed by homeowners or guests using fingerprints or a variety of remote access methods. It’s a complete property access control solution without the need to change or upgrade locks.

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The team at YEEUU is following up on the success of a previous successful crowdfunding campaign for FIDO, a minimalist smart door lock that raised over $600k+ USD. Now they return with the K1 smart lockbox that brings the most convenient features and modern connectivity to the lockbox.

The device uses a built-in Bluetooth connection module, an intuitive fingerprint identifier and a keypad that enables a variety of safe access modes to suit any key control application. It has password access that can be granted in multiple modes: temporary password, permanent password, dynamic password and virtual password. Or remotely share the permission from anywhere with visitors to control the device in-app for instant access when on-site. This new smart device promises to revolutionize the way property owners grant access to visitors.

“Lockboxes have long been used for the realty and construction industries but with new trends such as Airbnb and other home-sharing services, new solutions are necessary that require more robust features with methods to better control and record property entry. K1 modernizes property access management without the need to be on-site. It is revolutionizing the way property owners manage and monitor guests.” YEEUU Founder.

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The strong, tamper-proof device can be attached permanently or used temporarily on any property. It is the perfect solution for office staff, landlords or Airbnb hosts who welcome different visitors for differing lengths of time. The K1 records each time the device opened. Simple app controls allow homeowners to remotely limit or revoke a guest’s access permission after they leave or increase their allowable time period if they need to extend their visit. The K1 lockbox also acts as a reliable entry backup for family members or friends that need fast, safe access without the need to carry keys.

K1 smart lockbox is a smart solution for anyone who needs to provide secure, recorded access to visitors into a property.



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