Xiaomi ZMI Mosquito Repellent & Portable Insect Killer Review: An Anti-Mosquito Equipment for Home and Travel

May 18

Are you tired of traditional methods of fighting mosquitos at home or away? You must approach Xiaomi’s threshold to opt for effective and long-lasting anti-mosquito solutions. Today, in this text post, we are going to present the Xiaomi ZMI Portable Mosquito Repellent before you. The post is worth reading if you indeed want a concrete solution against insects.



The Chinese multi-disciplinary brand Xiaomi owns a long list of subsidiaries to work under it. Starting the campaign from smartphones, today, the brand has a dominating position in each product category globally. The household products are quite famous and trustworthy among the masses, be it smart robot cleaners, water purifiers, air purifiers, electric toothbrushes, induction water savers, and many more.

You will meet Xiaomi when it comes to finding effective measures against dangerous insects like mosquitos. Surely, mosquitos are a common problem in our society. No one loves to face these biting insects in the locality and wishes to eliminate the annoying problem as soon as possible. These insects are also harmful from a health perspective as they carry acute diseases as well.

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Thanks to Xiaomi to be caring for its users in this respect. Like other sub-companies, Xiaomi also backs ZMI to develop health-caring products for global fans. The latest ZMI Portable Mosquito Resistant brings innovative techniques and modern concepts to fight mosquitos successfully.

The manufacturer has followed a unique policy to combine portable equipment with advanced mosquito repellent pieces. The device uses two AAA batteries, which promises a long-lasting working period on optimal usage. Furthermore, the mosquito dispeller provides multiple applications like home, travelling, camping, fishing, garden, hunting, hiking, and more.

Well, this is not the appropriate way to mull over Xiaomi’s unique mosquito repellent. Make sure to go through the following section for a detailed review.

Xiaomi ZMI Mosquito Repellent Review: Features and Specifications

You must be waiting for the package unboxing. Here it is. The package incorporates the Xiaomi ZMI mosquito dispeller itself, a transparent protection cover, a Xiaomi Mi portable rope, and two pieces of mosquito repellents.

The machine also uses two AAA batteries, which are not included in the box, and you need to purchase them separately. Now, let’s discover the product features and specifications.

Design and Build

Honestly, the Xiaomi ZMI Mosquito dispeller looks like a portable Bluetooth speaker at the prima facia. Its pocket-friendly and lightweight design allow you to carry it anywhere outside. The body is sleek and glossy that needs a little space for storage.

Further, the mosquito killer adopts a square design with slightly rounded corners. The top side of the product features a netted surface with lots of holes to release the fragrance. On each side, there is a long rectangular-shaped cut, while the bottom panel has nothing and fully materialized.

Xiaomi ZMI Mosquito Repellent & Portable Insect Killer Review: An Anti-Mosquito Equipment for Home and Travel image 2

In one of the corners, the device ties a potable silicone rope to help you hold or hand the product. The anti-twist design seems exquisite and ensures a full fine quality organic silicone appearance approach.

To open the cover, there is a push-key on one of the sides. Give it a gentle push to take off the upper lid. Inside, you will find two holes for batteries installation, whereas the centre has a rounded plate to host repellent pieces. This circular module rotates clockwise like a fan to disperse the fragrance into the air.

As far as the physical measurement is associated, the Xiaomi ZMI Mosquito Repellent writes tiny numbers on the scale. In the 100x100x50mm-sized package, you will receive a 61x61x25mm product. Against the 52g weight of the package, the product’s original weight is only 40g. You will get the mosquito killer in the warm white colour skin.

Wide Application

Mosquitos are everywhere. Besides prevailing in society, mosquitos rein gardens, travelling vehicles, outdoor camps, and many more places we often used to visit. But Xiaomi’s latest ZMI Mosquito resistant device will not you left disappointed anywhere you go.

Xiaomi ZMI Mosquito Repellent & Portable Insect Killer Review: An Anti-Mosquito Equipment for Home and Travel image 3

The primary characteristic of the product is its portability and lightweight contour. It allows you to carry the device in your pocket wherever you go to contradict mosquitos. Apart from using at home, you can apply it in camping, hiking, garden, travelling, and fishing etc. Correspondingly, Xiaomi is vowing to safeguard you of mosquitos wherever you go.


Being a rechargeable device, the Portable Mosquito Repellent uses two AAA removable batteries to overcome the power needs. Electric-powered equipment needs to be well-optimized to achieve maximum battery life on a single charge or refill.

However, the new mosquito killer doesn’t house a USB port for charging. The AAA-battery concept is great at its place. It eliminates the tangles of wires. You are free to follow the plug-and-play system for quick relief.

Xiaomi ZMI Mosquito Repellent & Portable Insect Killer Review: An Anti-Mosquito Equipment for Home and Travel image 4

The company is claiming the battery to serve you for more than 30 days with an average of 8 hours/day usage. It feels impressive as you don’t need to worry about low-battery anymore. Furthermore, it is a stunningly convenient system for camping and travelling outside. You can carry a bunch of batteries to replace when needed.

Other Specifications

In other features of the Xiaomi ZMI Portable Mosquito Repellent and insect killer, it executes metofluthrin repellents. This is safer and healthy from all angles as it doesn’t produce a pungent smell.

Moreover, the transparent cover of the device avoids misoperation to guarantee overall safety for users. It also makes it convenient to store the device while travelling outside.


No doubt, the price factor also plays a pivotal role while finalizing the purchase decision. But when it comes to buying the Xiaomi ZMI Portable Mosquito Repellent, its price tag seems astounding, given the overall functionality and benefits.

On the Gearbest store, it is flashing against a price tag of just $18.99 after 5% off.




Summing up the Xiaomi ZMI Portable Mosquito Repellent review, it is a magnificent solution to protest mosquitos. The portable physique, long-lasting battery life, healthy-oriented functionality etc. are some of the vital points to favour the product. The overall machine is spectacular and worth-recommended.

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