Xiaomi Zajia Automatic Induction Water Saving Faucet Review: An Infrared Sensor for Kitchen and Bathroom Sink

May 09

In the kitchen and bathroom products, Xiaomi always finds its way to help you with smart technologies. The product, today we have on the review dais, will assist in making your life more comfortable with smart sensing module. The Xiaomi Zajia smart induction water saver faucet promises contamination-free life with automatic infrared-driven operations. Make sure to get along with the text to make the discussion meaningful.

The Chinese smart technology developer Xiaomi is all the way to back you in almost every sphere of life. Starting from smartphones, the brand has emerged in respective fields, which are, directly or indirectly, close to bringing peace and comfort to your life. Even your kitchen or bathroom is full of Xiaomi-branded products like other household items.

Zajia, like several other brands, is also a prominent player under Xiaomi’s ecological chain system. It is responsible for producing household and kitchen items for global users at reasonable prices possible. Along with others, the brand is now welcoming the smart water induction faucet to help you out in the kitchen or bathroom.

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Today, we are going to dwell on another innovation that is supposed to save water by behaving in a smarter way. It is an automatic smart sensor that controls water flows for you. You don’t need to rotate the water tap manually anymore as this effort is now lying with Xiaomi’s infrared smart induction water sever.

The Zajia smart water saver faucet recognizes and follows the gestures of your hand. You can gesture your hand in a particular way to tell the sensor what it needs to do. Moreover, the device adopts lots of other unique algorithms, which we will elaborate on in the following section. So, let’s step ahead without any further bafflement.

Xiaomi Zajia Smart Induction Water Saver Review: What are the Features and Specifications?

Design and Build

Xiaomi’s Zajia smart water saver device comes in a portable and compact size. It measures only 60 x 34 x 49 mm to give you a slight physical stature. The 105g of weight also makes it as light as a phone battery to glimpse like a portable unit with convenient use.

Further, the water-saving kitchen equipment is half the palm-size with delicate physical construction. The body is assembled using high-class and durable material that also takes less space. It offers a decorative design to match your household or kitchen appliances.

Xiaomi Zajia Automatic Induction Water Saving Faucet Review: An Infrared Sensor for Kitchen and Bathroom Sink image 2

When it comes to installing the sensor, it is not rocket science. In the package, you will get an installation wrench, three seal rings, six adapters, and an instruction guide. It retains the original faucet and supports the standard tools to facilitate the easy installation at home. Therefore, no need to call for an expert as you can do it yourself without any hassle.

On one of the sides of the smart induction water saver, you will find a USB charging port. It also has a silicon cover to prevent dust etc. from entering the port. The pack consists of 6 kinds of adapters to adjust the common mainstream faucets available in the market. You just need to check your faucet model before finalizing the purchase.

In the water outlet, the smart sensor has a piece of net to filter the water. You can remove to clean the net if you find the water quantity is going low.

Overall, the Zajia smart induction water saver faucet is a great tool to save on quality water in real-time. As per colours, only the white colour is there to go with.

Smart Sensing Technologies

Undoubtedly, the principal selling point is the inbuilt set of smart infrared sensor technologies. At all, Xiaomi’s subsidiary Zajia loads the latest smart water saver with two sensing modes - bottom sensor and side sensor.

What is the bottom sensor?

Well, under the bottom sensor, you will get instant water flow. For the purpose, you need to place your hand close to the bottom sensor within a limited distance of 10cm or 3.93 inches. The water outflow will start immediately.

Xiaomi Zajia Automatic Induction Water Saving Faucet Review: An Infrared Sensor for Kitchen and Bathroom Sink image 3

As soon as you take your hand away from the range of 10cm, the water flow will stop automatically. But if the bottom sensor is in continuous sensing, it will stop automatically after 20 seconds. Hence, you will get optimized and controlled water flows for daily cleaning needs.

What is a side sensor?

The side sensor technology is a bit different. Under it, you will get a continuous flow of water once sensed the device. Once you swipe within the range of 5cm or 1.95 inches of the side of the sensor, you will get a 3-minute continue water outflow.

Xiaomi Zajia Automatic Induction Water Saving Faucet Review: An Infrared Sensor for Kitchen and Bathroom Sink image 4

To turn it off within three minutes, you need to swipe again. Ultimately, the side sensor is beneficial for water storage and longtime cleaning needs.

Other Specifications

The Xiaomi Zajia smart induction water saver faucet brings innovative technology in the form of MCU algorithm and pulse interval sampling. It helps to alleviate energy consumption and provides stability and consistency even in complex atmospheres.

In terms of charging facilities, the company provides a USB cable to refill the energy pack. The overall charging time is 3 hours, which will last for 6 months, which is incredible. The device also has an indicator to remind you of lower battery status.

Furthermore, smart water-saving equipment ensures first-class water efficiency besides energy-saving and environmental protection. The body comes with IPX6 protection grade to eliminate water spoilage worries.

One of the magnificent things is that you will not transfer stains to faucets. It eventually results in to stop contamination and give you hygienic and clean life feeling.

In terms of pricing, the Xiaomi Zajia smart infrared water saver kitchen bathroom faucet is available on Banggood for $25.59 after 42% off.

Concluding the product review, it seems an effective tool when it comes to saving the precious water treasure. The automatic sensing technology offers smart and controlled water flows and avoids the water wastage in daily life.

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