Xiaomi Wicue 12-inch Kids LCD Writing Tablet Digital Drawing Pad with Pen Review

May 13

Xiaomi produces scads of specialized products for children too. In today’s review post, we bring the Xiaomi Wicue 12 inches writing tablet digital drawing pad with pen for kids to discuss. It will illustrate its various features and specifications to check whether it is worth buying or not. So, keep on reading the content until the end.

Undoubtedly, the Chinese tech producer Xiaomi has flooded the market with a variety of smart and non-smart products. It always follows the ideology to introduce high-end stuff with an excellent performance-price ratio. The price affordability is another vital factor that the brand recognizes the most.

In the product foil, Xiaomi enlists developments beyond one’s expectations. In another expression, the apex manufacturer has everything for everyone in each age bracket. One can meet the company in almost every corner or category of the market.

When it comes to household items, you will find Xiaomi-branded vacuum cleaners, air purifiers, electric scooters, toothbrushes, home fitness equipment and lots more. Similarly, children enjoy Xiaomi-made stationery products as well. Today, we come in the contact of a portable & digital writing pad, specially designed for children with over 3 years of age.

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Well, Xiaomi’s new digital tablet with pen brings a straightforward and ready-to-use approach. It is a flat surface with tremendous outer border design to incite children to excel in their drawing skills. The overall posture is adorable, assembled with high-grade and skin-friendly material.

In fact, it is a productive device for children. Correspondingly, if you are looking for an ideal gift for a beloved child, nothing could be better than it. It will be the perfect and pertinent choice for a child to develop drawing talent. The following section is ready to elaborate more on the Xiaomi Wicue 12 inches digital writing pad with pen.

Xiaomi Wicue Digital Pad Writing Tablet with Pen for Kids Review: What are the Features and Specifications?

Design and Physical Appearance

The outlook is the first attraction. It should be an eye winner to convince the buyer. Xiaomi is an expert in designing appealing physical aesthetics. The same concept applies to the unique digital pad as well.

In terms of physical construction, the Wicue writing pad cum digital tablet for kids provides a compact, lightweight and portable contour. It feels elegant with an exceptional assembly of ABS plastic body.

Further, the digital tablet looks square at the prima facia, but it has a rectangular design with only 5mm thickness. You can extract the idea from its 5mm thickness of how it will be comfortable to handle or store in a bag.

Look-wise, it provides a flat surface on the front with broader bezels around it. In the middle, the device houses a diagonal 12” screen area. In fact, Xiaomi provides dual sizes to choose from – 10-inch and 12-inch. You can select as per needs.

Xiaomi Wicue 12-inch Kids LCD Writing Tablet Digital Drawing Pad with Pen Review image 2

On the top side, you will see a cut that hosts the external pen. On the contrary hand, the device portrays the brand logo on the left corner as well as the ‘e’ logo in the middle. Probably, it implies the slate to be an electronic product.

As far as the back panel is related, Xiaomi’s Wicue digital pad with pen obtains an appraisable spot with some useful content. You will see the battery cover with a screw on it. Close to it, there is a black strap, which could be a solar panel to recharge the battery in the direct sunlight. However, it is the sole assumption.

Here is some information about the colour and physical dimensions. You will have three colours to select – Red, Pink and Green. Furthermore, the LCD writing pad measures 190 x 279 x 5 mm and it weighs only 215 grams.


The Xiaomi Wicue digital writing pad with pen for kids is all about a display. It is a flat spot containing LCD display of dual sizes.

You will have the freedom to go for either 12 inches or 10 inches model. This is purely based on your own requirements. Your child will love to broadcast his/her inbuilt drawing skills on a smoother board.

Moreover, the display comes with wider bezels around the boundary that helps to hold it. The upper and lower bezels are larger as compared to side ones. It will be enough for your little champ to Imaginate his brain to learn more through the years. The display area also facilitates erasing the drawing. There will be no ink complexities and fadedness of the panel. You will get what you will input on the board.

Drawing Pen

How to draw on Xiaomi’s digital tablet? Well, the company arranges superbly for a little pen that is attached to the top angle of the board. It has a white-coloured sharp nib on the top to let you draw every detail brilliantly.

Xiaomi Wicue 12-inch Kids LCD Writing Tablet Digital Drawing Pad with Pen Review image 3

The pen also prints the brand logo on one of its sides. On the top, the pen also has a little handle to ensure better design. Physically, the drawing pen is as slim as the drawing board itself. It provides snug-fit in the house and never fall when not in use.


Let’s find how much it will cost you. Well, the digital writing tool is available on various online shopping platforms at discounted rates.

The giant and popular online store Banggood is selling the device for 30.57 US dollars after 27% off. The actual price is appearing as $42.

However, you can find the drawing pad on AliExpress at an attractive price figure.


Wrapping up the Xiaomi Wicue LCD digital tab and writing tablet for kids review, it is a suitable educational tool to infuse drawing skills in your child. It doesn’t consume much space and you can carry it with you without any hassle. The design is cool and fascinating to induce your child to learn new things.

Definitely, children love to use it. They will learn happily with this easy-to-use equipment and accelerate their talent to the next level. Overall, a try should be given.

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