Xiaomi Viomi V2 Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Jun 08

Robots are taking up the new trend in household cleaning, replacing the legendary mops, brooms, and dustpans.





Tired of annoying little grains, sand, hair, or any other tiny objects that prevent your beloved feet from comfortably embracing a smooth floor? Try the Xiaomi Viomi V2 vacuum cleaner. This incredible cleaning robot makes traditional mopping a thing of the past. Why engage in tiresome routine cleaning while technology can do it for you? People today are busy making their lives and little time is available for daily house cleaning. 

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Hiring a housekeeper is an option but he/she will not always be there to clean up the mess. This is a good reason to employ technology which will always be there when you need it. Furthermore, not much is needed to keep cleaner bots work because as long as there is power, everything is good to go.

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Happy customers affirm that the Xiaomi Viomi v2 pro has what it takes to do it all in a single sweep! The device is described as the ultimate mopping master and a reliable cleaning tool that might actually work better than the good old vacuum cleaner.


Xiaomi remains one of the most outstanding technology giants on the globe. It is home to a very long list of products as compared to other brands matching its capacity. Since its incorporation in 2010, the Chinese company has invested heavily in developing good software, highly reliable products, and devices for personal, household, and commercial uses. 

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Xiaomi has come a long way in building a huge customer base thanks to its low prices, affordability, and availability. There is no reason to doubt their efforts in making life easier for humanity as they continue winning the hearts of their happy customers worldwide. If you’re looking for quality & affordable technology, Xiaomi might hold the solution.

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Today we dig into the features of the Xiaomi Viomi V2 Pro Vacuum Cleaner. What does it hold in store to make life easier?

Xiaomi VIOMI V2 Pro Vacuum Cleaner Full Specs

● Multiple sensors: There are 12 sensors on the device including proximity, accelerometer, gyro, charging, LDS laser range sensor, collision sensor, odometer, cliff sensor, electronic compass sensor, mop & fan speed sensors. All work together to enhance easy navigation through the cleaning areas.

● 2100Pa Suction: The suction duct is designed to achieve maximum suction pressure that sucks out small particles including grains, dust particles, hair, and even steel balls. This leaves a smooth floor for your feet.

● High-tech navigation system made of a 360-degree laser scanner and LDS radar range sensor. The system maps out the whole house/room with SLAM algorithms to set a guided cleaning path. The sensors prevent damage through collision with other objects, making the device as safe as possible.

● MI Home App Control: Control could not be more flexible thanks to the MI Home App. It supports many intelligent Xiaomi devices, not just V2 cleaners. MI Home App provides useful data on the cleaning map, history, and much more. Follow these links to download the latest versions from Google Playstore (for Android devices) or Apple App Store (for iOS devices). Just make sure your phone/tablet has enough storage because the functionality of other apps might be affected.

● Battery capacity 3200mAh, 33W: Total charging time varies from 180-240 minutes. Battery can support operation for up to 2 hours, depending on the working mode selected.

● Operating modes: Single sweep, single mop, sweeping & mopping modes: Works together with all features to simulate actual mopping and cleaning. It also works across multiple floor types including wooden ones.

● 2-in-1 Water tank capacity: 550ml, with electronic control and micro-water pump, dust box volume:550ml

Other features

Virtual software wall for restricted areas- This feature comes handy when mapping out spaces and rooms the device can’t/shouldn’t go. For example, the staircase or the kids’ rooms. To prevent damage to the robotic cleaner and your kids’ toys, the MI Home app allows one to set a virtual software barrier. When the device comes across this barrier, it will just respect the boundary and find somewhere else to be. Pretty cool, right?

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Remote control- Enhances better control of the device. This is the closest one can come to manual control of the device. Remote control is really important for dirty spots requiring immediate cleaning.

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Automatic docking for recharge- Xiaomi VIOMI V2 Pro Vacuum Cleaner requires frequent charging. One can set up charging docks where the cleaner will automatically follow the shortest path to the dock for a quick charge boost.

HEPA Filter available- Easy to use and clean.

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Obstacle climbing- Device can climb up obstacles and irregular surfaces as tall as 2cm like a mini tank.


● Great design with minimal noise during operation time. The Xiaomi VIOMI V2 Pro Vacuum Cleaner silently drags while cleaning surfaces. The build quality and functionality are great; minimal to no complaints.

● High tech performance with easy control. Remote control enabled but thanks to Xiaomi MI home app control is bestowed upon the owner’s hands. One can monitor the overall performance and cleaning with real-time tracking via the mobile app. Access live maps and schedule your own routine cleaning.

● Wide cleaning surface.


● Lacks voice control feature.

● Low battery life- The 3200mAh battery only supports 2 hours of cleaning on a full charge. It requires frequent charging.

● Does not work equally well on carpets

● MI Home app control is not as efficient as it could be. Could be better.

Xiaomi VIOMI V2 Pro Vacuum Cleaner Price

Price ranges between $380-$486. Xiaomi VIOMI V2 Pro Vacuum Cleaner is a slight improvement of its predecessor with just a slight price & capacity variation.

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As technology takes over all other aspects of human life, cleaning should not be left behind. The age of moving furniture just to get a mop/rug to the farthest corner is slowly fading away and we should embrace cleaning tech as it comes.

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A good back-forth scrub is good but not as effective as cleaning enabled by the Xiaomi VIOMI Pro Vacuum cleaner. Xiaomi is a good option to start with; they have a great collection of domestic devices to choose from.


The Xiaomi VIOMI V2 Pro Vacuum Cleaner is not an exception. Considering the available features and the functionality of the device, many users recommend it as compared to vacuum cleaners or other robotic cleaning assistants. Save time by allowing technology to work for you.

Buy your Xiaomi VIOMI V2 Pro Vacuum Cleaner today.



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