The Xiaomi Mi Sports Bluetooth Headset are shaped after the wristbands, with the housings that share the same plastic bodywith an aluminium plate on top of it.

To help the headphones stay in place, there is a semi-rigid earhookon each earpiece. Contrary to what I believed and a bit counter-intuitively, however, I found out the most comfortable position requires a slight rotation so that the earphones are slightly tilted forward (and the hook’s top is not against your ear). This is due to the earhook pressing against the pinna, which is greatly diminished with a slight rotation. This may not be true for everyone as ears’ shape and size are different across each individual. It’s takes a little bit time to adjust the position on our ear.

Xiaomi Sports Bluetooth Headset Review Photo 1

I used it for several workout. When I used it for cycling, I found it nothing problem with the position. But when I used it for running, the earhook keep fall it makes not comfortable to wear. Maybe because of the sweat and swaying body movement.

Xiaomi provided the Mi Sports Bluetooth Headset with IPX4 certification, meaning it will resist sweating or light rain. So you don’t have to be afraid to used for workout.

Xiaomi Sports Bluetooth Headset Review Photo 2

What I love about this headset is the sound quality. The sound is quite good. It gives a balance treble, mid and bass.  When the earhook completely attached, it gives a good isolation from the outside so you can listen the music with full quality. I do not recommend these headphones if you’re looking for strong bass. If you listen to pop, rock and other mid-centric genres, though, the Xiaomi Mi Sports Bluetooth Headset may be a valid option.

The battery is quite good. When I used after charging, it gives 5-6 hours long music playback. It is nice for daily commute or workout. Although you may hope for more playing time considering the size of the housings.

The Volume control is in the right part of the earhook.

What is disappointing is that the voice informs user about the headphone status is on Chinese. So you have to guess it is on, off or paired mode.

Xiaomi Sports Bluetooth Headset Review Photo 3

Overall. After used it for a month, the headset is quite recommeded for daily commute and light workout.

Score: 7/10

This is the specifications:

Main Features:
Xiaomi wireless Bluetooth 4.1 sports earbuds
Perfect for people who loves music and sports
IPX4 waterproof, sweat resistant and durable
With ear-hook, anti-drop
Support volume control and song switch
Allows pairing two Bluetooth devices simultaneously
Seperate the microphone and the volume control key, more convenient in sports
Built-in 110mA rechargeable Li-ion battery, 280h standby time, 7h play time

With 100 mA large lithium polymer battery, the use of professional energy-saving circuit design, full power state can play music for about 7 hours, about 120 listen to music, even long-distance movement do not have to worry about power is not enough. Standby for up to about 11 days, without frequent charge it, even without electricity, fast charge 10 minutes, you can meet songs for 1 hour.

* 5 pairs earbuds for changing, it can fit different ear.
* Sweat and water resistant, you can use it in different environment, in rain and gym.
* 110mAh battery capacity, up to 7 hours of battery life.
* Multi-points connection, can connect to two devices at the same time.
* Dynamic driver+metal composite diaphragm. Giving more real sound.
* Adjustable earhooks design, adjust it to fit your ear.

General Specification
Wearing Type In-ear
Net Weight (g) 17.8g


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