Xiaomi Smart Alarm Clock Review

Apr 20



One of the most beloved gadgets in the world has been the Xiaomi Alarm Clock. The Chinese tech giant knows better than anyone that an Alarm clock that can be online all the time, connected to your smart devices would be a lot more accepted than your smartphone that could do the same job. It's just like people wanting to possess different items for the same task, although they know that it would be impossible to live without them and having them not connected the one to the other.

Brand overview

Xiaomi has this rectangular-shaped alarm clock available to all people who like to have a personal wake-up mechanism when being at home, or on vacation. The Xiaomi has much alarm sounds so you can find the one that better matches your needs and expectations. The Xiaomi brand guarantees the right functioning and gives you the assurance that you will never face battery or connectivity issues, no matter how hard you treat your Xiaomi Alarm Clock.


You can set up the hour directly from your router. The alarm clock is made from quality plastic and aluminum materials that give you more durability to accidental impacts, as well as, better water-proof abilities. The Xiaomi Alarm clock has fewer energy requirements than its counterparts. It can offer you the best possible connection to your wi-fi and be always in touch with your other Xiaomi smart devices through the Bluetooth 4.0 protocol and the improved application that Xiaomi has developed for that reason. 

Xiaomi is also proud that the alarm clock comes at an affordable price so that anyone can easily buy it no matter what is the level of his budget.

Benefits / Reasons to choose

There are many reasons why you should prefer to have a Xiaomi alarm clock. First, it's stylish and you will have it in your room all the time bragging around your friends. Then, it's durable and will never leave you irresponsible missing some of the most important appointments you may have throughout the day. Not to mention, that you can also control what happens in your house when you are away since it has an integrated speaker and microphone so that you can listen to anything occurring on your premises. Security and comfort are the main reasons to prefer such a gadget.

Pros & Cons

As with any item in this world, there are also some benefits and drawbacks associated with Xiaomi Alarm Clock use:


  • Best battery quality and duration

  • Solid structure

  • Best price among the competition

  • LED screen you can see through the night

  • Programming of your schedules for the next day

  • More than 60 different sounds for your alarm


  • More lightweight than you would even think it is can be accidentally impacted

  • Has no HDMI port and the USB doesn't follow the 3.0 protocol for data transfer


Xiaomi Alarm clock comes to you at the incredible price of $69.99 that you may find on Amazon retailer. There is a chance you can find it cheaper in other sites but you will never have the opportunity to enjoy the guarantee that only the major online retailers offer you.

It would be useful to know that Xiaomi official site can offer you great rebates especially when you are also purchasing other Xiaomi products and that is why you need to check there first. Their policy includes free worldwide shipping which makes it more feasible and tempting to order the Alarm Clock directly from the manufacturers.

How to install

There is nothing difficult to know. You simply unbox the Alarm clock and find the USB charger cable and the device. The best idea would be to charge your alarm clock for an hour or so to make sure that the battery reaches its full capacity and then start to connect it to your other Xiaomi mobile devices through the Bluetooth protocol. After that, you can always have the time adjusted through the application on your phone. No manual controls are necessary and your Xiaomi alarm clock will be there to serve you for as long as you like.

Who can use

This Xiaomi alarm clock is popular among teenagers. Lately, we have also seen many businessmen and older people to order the Xiaomi alarm clock to ensure proper connectivity at all times, even when they are asleep!

How to order

You better order from reputable online retailers like Amazon, Gearbest, or eBay. However, some prefer to order directly from the Xiaomi website which is also acceptable.

Customer support

You cal call the local Xiaomi call center that speaks your mother language whenever you have a problem with your Alarm clock. They would be delighted to give you instructions.

Others to know

You need to know that the Xiaomi alarm clock is durable and will give you many alerts as to when you need to wake up and which are the crucial appointments that you have to follow through the day. You can also use it as security surveillance for your house, and even try to wake up children and other people who sleep to their rooms when you are absent. It is the eyes and the ears you always wanted to have in your house when you are leaving for work!


These are some of the questions for the Xiaomi alarm clock we found online:

Can Xiaomi Alarm Clock connect to all the other Xiaomi devices?

Yes, it can connect to all the Xiaomi devices that share the same application for connectivity purposes.

How much is the Alarm Clock battery lasts?

The Xiaomi Alarm Clock battery can last up to 240 hours of idle functioning. Then you need to recharge it through the handy USB cable.


As we all know the alarm clock has an irreplaceable place on our closets. Xiaomi Alarm clock can give you a modern perspective of this gadget making sure you will never lose an appointment and giving you the chance to operate it remotely from your other connected Xiaomi devices!

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