Xiaomi Roborock H6 Review

Apr 22

One of the best pairs for the Xiaomi cleaning robots keeps on being the Xiaomi Roborock H6. We are talking about a powerful suction vacuum that is held one-handed since it is lightweight and can give you the perfect cleaning results when you have to do the corners of the difficult parts of your stairs.

The Xiaomi Roborock H6 is a reputable model featuring all the modern technological innovations that can make your life easier at home, especially when you are cleaning your floors and furniture.

Brand overview

As we all know so far, the Xiaomi brand has been creating vacuums and robots that have a direct wireless connection to all the other mobile phones and tablets in your house. You only need to keep it close to the charger when you don't use it. In all other instances, you simply need to program it and you can operate it separately from the robots, to clean the parts that they missed or cannot clean. The reputable Xiaomi brand offers great deals for everyone, especially those who love to have wireless vacuums on their premises.


For all the adventurous people that like to have their own smart vacuum, Xiaomi has created Roborock H6. It has a LED screen where you can see the remaining capacity of the 3,600mAmp battery and where you need to go to have the maximum suction.

There is always a switch to give either moderate or high suction and absorb all the dust and pollen from your floors. You can even clean your textile furniture by gently applying the Roborock H6 on top of them. Finally, the cordless use makes it easier for you to work remotely in any possible part of the house, without being aggravated by holding it.

Benefits / Reasons to choose

It is a lightweight vacuum that can be easily attached to the charger and gives you more than 60 minutes of continuous use. You always have the opportunity to use it at maximum speed, where you can have it working for merely 20 minutes before it dies.

There is a special HEPA filter for dust and pollen that you can apply and ionize the air at the same time. The vacuum is also having a wireless connection to the router and the rest Xiaomi smartphones and tablets to ensure there is proper communication between different computers to tell where there is a dust issue in the house.

Pros & Cons

Like with every single device, we can identify some pros and cons in Xiaomi Roborock H6:


  • Great battery duration

  • Lightweight design

  • Can fit underneath your furniture to clean the floors

  • It can suck any kind of dust, pollen, particles, and liquids

  • The LED screen on the front panel seems more useful than ever before

  • It has separate programs to make it accessible to all people trying to clean their house

  • Comes in many colors


  • Less affordable than the other vacuums in the same category

  • The battery keeps on having the memory phenomenon, so you need to fully charge it before you are using the vacuum again, so it can last more.


The Xiaomi Roborock H6 starts at a minimal price of $450 that is among the lowest for such items. However, if you decide to postpone the order for Black Friday, you can surely have a better price. Xiaomi's official website is also offering the Roborock H6 in good prices giving extra discounts and rebates if you buy more Xiaomi items there.

How to install

There is nothing you should know to install this vacuum. You don't even need to read the manual or watch any YouTube video. After you unbox it you need to place it to the charger and let it fully charge. Then you simply need to take it in your hand and press the on/off button. The LED screen is going to light up and show you the state of the vacuum.  Finally, what you need it to go to any room and let is absorb all the dirt and dust. The application is going to pop up and connect the vacuum to the rest wireless Xiaomi products in the house.

Who can use

All competent adults can use this vacuum. It would be better to stay away from the reach of children since they don't have the power to hold it one-handed. Every other adult in the house can use it for indoors or outdoors use and make it work efficiently no matter what.

How to order

As said before, most of the Xiaomi customers order it online through Amazon or eBay. However, there are others who like to order it from the official Xiaomi site and receive extra discounts and rebates that will enable them to buy more Xiaomi products in the future.

Customer support

Xiaomi has established specialized teams in call centers across the world, where you can call and have your questions answered and problems resolved. The money-back-guarantee that Xiaomi offers can also give you the assurance that the product is going to work no matter what.

Others to know

You need to know that the device is stable and waterproof. It is made from quality plastic and aluminum alloy that keeps it protected from mild impacts and can be easy to hold at all times.


Here are some of the frequent questions about this vacuum that you may find online:

Is Xiaomi Roborock H6 comparable to other cable vacuums?

In fact, Roborok is more potent and powerful since it can suck up to 903 cubic meters per hour of operation.

Do I need a special charger for the vacuum?

No special chargers needed. You can charge it using a simple USB cord as well.


For all the cleaning lovers, Xiaomi Roborock H6 remains the best solution to the vacuum problem they usually face. It has a stylish appearance and can become the best suction item you ever had to clean the hardest parts of your house.

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