Xiaomi Onemoon Air Fryer - Unboxing & Review

Feb 13


There is nothing new in air fryers. For the first time air fryers were mentioned in some advertisement in a TV shopping program. Air fryer cooker replaces hot oil, traditionally used when you fry something on a frying pan, with air and uses convection heating similar to the hot air of the sun to form a rapidly circulating heat flow in the bowl to cook food with hot air. At the same time hot air also removes the surface moisture, so that food does not exude oil and thus, air fryer can also achieve the effect of frying.

One day my mother suddenly decided to buy an air fryer cooker. Xiaomi Mijia Eco-Chain has just introduced their new product, Xiaomi Onemoon Air Fryer, so as a big fan of Xiaomi products, I wanted to try it. I supposed, that as a product of Xiaomi Mijia, Onemoon fryer cannot be much better than Philips air fryer, but it should not be too bad (in fact, Xiaomi IH Smart Rice Cooker is not very useful), so went for it. The product is available on AliExpress for $70.



Xiaomi is a popular Chinese brand, which specializes on producing great gadgets with budget-friendly prices. Xiaomi Mijia is a chain of Xiaomi and a part of Xiaomi "new retail" strategy. The company created Xiaomi Ecological Chain in order to sell consumer goods, using the Xiaomi model and extending the "Xiaomi-style cost-effectiveness" to a wider range of products.


The package size is much smaller than I have expected. Same as other Mijia products, the air fryer cooker has a traditional packaging with "enjoy life" in the left upper corner. Can you really enjoy life with it?

Xiaomi Onemoon Air Fryer, with 2L capacity and other characteristics written on one of the box sides, comes from Hangzhou Lexiu Electronic Technology Company.

Hangzhou Lexiu Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a small startup company in Xiaomi Eco-chain enterprise, specializing in small household appliances.

The power plug of the Onemoon Air Fryer not inherit the design of Xiaomi's home appliances, it is just an ordinary power plug, however in general it works well.

Xiaomi Onemoon Air Fryer cooker comes with a manual in Chinese language. The manual is only two pages long but it does not actually have the operation instruction, though it is not necessary, because the operation is very simple.

For specific instructions you can check the video on Xiaomi website or just check videos on Youtube.


The design of the most products in Xiaomi Mijia Eco-chain is neither good-looking, nor ugly. But Xiaomi Onemoon Air Fryer has a more special design.

There is a cooling vent on the back of the Air Fryer cooker.

Time operating panel is situated on the top of the device. With the mechanical button below, the air fryer cooker has only one operational key, which is a bit similar to a traditional mechanical microwave oven.

Once you turn the knob, the red part will show the remaining heating time. This air fryer cooker has only one default setting, so only the heating time can be selected. But such mechanical devices have a great advantage, due to simplicity of functions it is not easy to break them.

Of course, Xiaomi Onemoon Air Fryer looks more humble compared to similar products of famous brands such as Philips air fryer.

Onemoon Fryer has a 2L capacity, which is not large, so the pot inside is relatively shallow.

When the machine is in operation, there will be a yellow light on the top of the air fryer cooker. It may be called "Moonlight".

It would be better, if you could turn off this light or you could choose for how long it will light up.

Now all the members of Xiaomi Mijia Family are present in my kitchen and I am ready to start.  Unfortunately, due to the pure mechanical design of the air fryer cooker, it cannot be connected to Mijia APP.

User experience

First of all, as the manual states for the first time use the fryer needs to be preheated for 10 minutes without anything inside to eliminate the odor. These 10 minutes have greatly worsened my impression of the product. During these 10 minutes, the continuous plastic smell of the fryer has made me sad. The entire kitchen was filled with the smell of plastic. I personally can't accept such a big smell from a kitchen gdget that comes in direct contact with food.

After 10 minutes of preheating, I had to wait for the smell to dissipate. To make it easier, just grill chicken wings.

After marinating chicken wings for a while I set cooking time as 25 minutes.

Even though the plastic smell from pre-heating was gone, still during these 25 minutes I  could smell it a bit.

25 minutes have passed, and my chicken looks good, though a bit dry.

Below is the photo of chicken baked in electric oven, they look more fresh and juicy. Maybe I used the air fryer cooker incorrectly? Anyway, the strong plastic smell is not a good experience, though it dissipated after I used the fryer for some time.



As a member of Mijia Eco-Chain, the product has a distinct Xiaomi Mijia family design. If you are a fan of Xiaomi, it will satisfy you.

The price of $70 is relatively cheap. The design and operation are simple, so the device is not easy to break.


Strong plastic smell during the first 10 minutes of pre-heating.

The capacity of 2L is also relatively small.


The price of Xiaomi Mijia Onemoon Air Fryer is only $70, which is really cheap compared to Philips air fryer or other popular brands, but unlike Philips air fryer it can’t boast of temperature control or other smart functions. On the other hand, Xiaomi is compact, can be placed anywhere in the kitchen without taking much space. It is easy to operate and difficult to break due to simple machinery. If you want to test yourself what the air fryer is and you need a simple small device with easy operation and affordable price, you can go for Xiaomi Onemoon Air Fryer.





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