Xiaomi MiJia Walking Pad A1 Review

Apr 17

For all the people living a busy life and having no time to exercise, a portable treadmill like the one you have never seen before would be what Xiaomi has offered to the public. This innovative device can give you the freedom to peacefully work out at home or the office, without never having to worry that you will bother your colleagues or family.



Brand overview

Xiaomi is the high tech Chinese giant that has managed to overpass all its western counterparts in a matter of several years. This foldable treadmill series called MiJia Walking Pad A1 from Xiaomi is made from quality aluminum alloy to make it lightweight and easy to store. It has the best possible battery to make it last for a long time before you need to recharge it.


The treadmill is completely foldable and is made from recyclable materials. You can only see the trademark of the company and a set of orange wheels when you look it from the front side. The panel has a LED screen where you may see the basic features of the portable treadmill. The whole unit is easy to fold in a matter of seconds and there is a larger belt that reminds you of the most professional editions of treadmills. 

People will love the way you can step on it as well as the automatic and manual ways to operate it. It is the easiest way to work out when you are home and you will never have an excuse for not having time to walk.

Benefits / Reasons to choose

The portable and foldable treadmill from Xiaomi has also an automatic version that can adjust the speed of the running belt according to your own pace. The walking pad has a wireless receptor to make it connect to all the other Xiaomi devices, showing you the pace you are running, the calories you are burning, and many other vital signs of your exercise.

It is a robust construction that can be easily folded and stored underneath your bed or couch without even noticing its presence.

Pros & Cons

Many customers have pointed out several pros and cons for the Xiaomi A1 Walking Pad:


  • Solid structure that cannot be easily compromised

  • Can fit anywhere and gives you enough space to run on it

  • It has a potent battery that can be recharged easily

  • You get a remote control to regulate the speed 

  • There is also an emergency stop button


  • Speed can't go over 6km/hour

  • It can only sustain 90Kg of body weight

  • There is no incline option

  • The LED screen is not easily watchable when you run


You could easily say that Xiaomi Walking Pad is expensive since it's worth almost $550 on Amazon. However, it has a great return on investment, since you don't have to give extra money to go to the gym, plus you will have a natural shield for your health, making an important step to deal with obesity once and for all. 

Prices may vary according to the geographical region you are residing in and special discounts and rebates may apply in some online retailers.

How to install

There is not much to be done right after you unbox the Walking Pad. You simply need to charge the battery and place it in the manual or automatic mode. Then you can simply step on it and start walking. The unfolding of the device remains an easy step and can give you more pleasure since you can do it one-handed.

Who can use 

Every adult can use the Walking Pad. However, there is a smart lock for children just to ensure their safety since it can become dangerous for them. Make sure you weight less than 90 kilos if you want to have this device to be operable all the time.

How to order

Most of the people are ordering this device from the official Xiaomi website. Another part of these people also orders the Walking pad from local online retailers and some others prefer to buy it from physical stores. 

Customer support

No matter where you buy the Walking Pad from, you always can take advantage of the Xiaomi unique money-back guarantee that makes you secure about the choice you are going to take. A live representative talking your mother language can help you resolve any issue you may encounter by the use of the device.

Others to know

Xiaomi Walking Pad A1 will give you the best exercise while you are at home or working. The device is lightweight enough for you to carry it wherever you may go and the connectivity to other smartphone devices can create a weekly exercise schedule for you, to enhance your health.


These are some of the FAQs we found online for this device:

Can you run on a walking pad?

There is no way to run on the walking pad. Xiaomi device can only give you a speed of 6Km/hour which equals fast walking.

How do I connect my walking pad?

There are several ways to connect the walking pad through USB cable or wireless. Using the Bluetooth communication protocol is also an option.

Are treadmills bad for knees?

Treadmills usually aggravate your knees when running fast. However, the Xiaomi Walking Pad gives you a quiet and serene walking session that is not a threat to your knees.




For many years people were trying to find a viable solution for their workout. Finally, Xiaomi has presented the perfect portable treadmill that doesn't look like a traditional one, since it lacks side fences and elevated front panel. 

You can easily place it anywhere in your office or bedroom and store it underneath your bed without anybody noticing. Xiaomi is a real bargain for all people who like to stay fit and don't want to spare a whole room for accommodating a treadmill. Exercise has never been easier than with Xiaomi A1 Walking Pad.

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