Xiaomi Mijia Five Smart UVC Disinfection Lamp Review: A Portable Sterilization Device with Human Body Induction and App Control

May 12

This guide is the medium to let you know Xiaomi’s recently-launched disinfection lamp. Today, we will devote some time to the Xiaomi Mijia Five Smart UVC Disinfection Lamp, which was released under the crowdfunding platform. The device hosts incredible design and scads of advanced features that we will cover in this post.

If you, too, are looking for such a weapon to fight harmful pests, bacteria etc., this dedicated text guide is for you. Make sure to drive through the end to discover the roots of Xiaomi’s latest development in the portfolio. So, let’s start.

Viruses and pests surround us all. New insects are erupting every day. Even the pillow, we used to sleep on, carries millions of mites on it. Similarly, our pets carry billions of parasites and bacteria.

Although they carry micro size and can’t be seen with the naked eye, they can leave a significant impact on our health. These organisms are even more dangerous for people with weaker immune system, babies, pregnant women and elders in the family.

Thanks to Xiaomi for prioritizing the health prospect of its fan-base. It has dedicated subsidiaries to develop consumer household and healthcare products for global users. Xiaomi’s brand-new Five disinfection lamp is the latest effort in this direction to make your house mite and pest-free.

Using the ultraviolet sterilization and other incredible technicalities, the machine ensures comprehensive protection against deadly living organisms. Further, it also supports human body induction and intelligent stop sterilization. The advanced child lock protection module prevents children from switching on the machine. Additionally, the smart app control also offers impressive utilities right on your mobile.

The following section will cover every nitty-gritty of the Xiaomi Mijia Five disinfection lamp in a detailed way. Hopefully, you will love the presentation.

Xiaomi Mijia Five Disinfection Lamp Review: What are the Features and Specifications?

Design and Physical Construction

As usual, you will know the exteriors and build aesthetics of the device being reviewed. For most of the buyers, physical appearance levies as much importance as internal technicalities.

In terms of design and build, the new Mijia Five sterilization lamp has nothing that we can condemn. It comes with a portable, tiny, compact, and lightweight physique to fit any corner of your house. The sleek body and ergonomically-crafted exteriors reflect a spectacular outlook to fall in love at first sight.

Furthermore, Xiaomi’s latest lamp includes a compelling black paint job throughout the vertically-angled stature. The chassis is assembled using the high-grade ABS plastic material. At the prima facia, it looks like a small building with four pillars on each corner. Right in the middle of the device, there is a pair of transparent vertical tubes. Near the tube light, you will also find the power button.

Xiaomi Mijia Five Smart UVC Disinfection Lamp Review: A Portable Sterilization Device with Human Body Induction and App Control image 1

The lamp offers a straightforward and streamlined shape with no sharp angle protrusion. It also tags two-hole universal plug wire to match with home and office standards. The fashionable appearance will not easily fade and oxidize.

As per physical scaling, the Five disinfection lamp carries an ultra-portable structure, which measures only 24.50 x 12 x 12 cm. Further, it weighs only 480g. The product colour is black, while the lamp’s light colour is purple.

Omnidirectional Disinfection

As the Xiaomi Mijia Five household lamp is open to all directions, it ensures a 360-degree disinfection approach. Because of the multi-directional usability, it is perfect for home, classroom, living room, gym, restaurant, as well as pet disinfection.

Advanced UVC Sterilization System

As compared to the traditional fluorescent sterilization methods, Xiaomi’s Five smart lamp provides up to 99.99% of sterilization rate. It uses imported Phillips ultraviolet lamps, which contains around 1/10 of a mercury thermometer. Hence, it keeps the mercury pollution at the lowest point.

Xiaomi Mijia Five Smart UVC Disinfection Lamp Review: A Portable Sterilization Device with Human Body Induction and App Control image 2

Furthermore, the original Phillips lamp tube utilizes only 0.38 KWH power consumption in 12 hours. Eventually, it serves users with up to 9000 hours of service stint. The optical decay rate is only 20% that retains stable sterilization throughout its life.

Security Features

Customer safety is always at the apex in Xiaomi’s list. In the case of the Xiaomi Mijia Five disinfection and sterilization lamp, the company follows the same ideology strictly.

The inbuilt smart radar sensor and human body induction system improve the security performance of the machine. Whenever someone approaches close to the device, it stops sterilization intelligently. Once the person leaves, it starts the proceedings automatically after 30 seconds.

Also, the sterilization lamp equips a smart child lock protection algorithm. It prevents the child from turning on the light by mistake, thanks to the buzzer alarm system.

Intelligent Control

It is yet another unique protocol to discuss in our Xiaomi Mijia Five sterilization lamp review. Like other innumerable Xiaomi’s electronic products, the latest disinfection lamp also supports Mijia mobile app and XiaoAI voice assistant.

Both modules ensure real-time interaction to cultivate the advantages properly. The Mijia smart app will let you know the current status of the smart door lock and smart body human sensor. It also helps you to turn on the machine after leaving the room. The XiaoAI voice assistant is also a productive instrument to handle the lamp via words of the mouth.

Some Guidelines and Precautions

Well, Xiaomi also suggests users follow some precautions while dealing with the Xiaomi Mijia Five UVC disinfection lamp.

Make sure not to get close to the sterilization light. It may cause some adverse effects on your body. Accordingly, you should also avoid gazing at the light continuously.

As per usability, you need to operate the device for 15 minutes in the area measuring 10 m2. Similarly, for larger areas like the bedroom (about 20 m2) and drawing room (about 30 m2), the equipment should run for 30 and 45 minutes, respectively.

Xiaomi Mijia Five UVC Smart Sterilization Lamp – Price

Well, the Mijia-branded UVC disinfection lamp is available for purchase on the Gearbest store for $59.99 after whopping 40% off. 

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