Xiaomi Mijia Fiu 470ml Elegant Insulation Suction Cup White Stainless Bottle Review

May 15

This is the effort to describe Xiaomi’s another unique kitchen utensil. Well, today, we have the Xiaomi Mijia Fiu Elegant Insulation Suction Stainless Steel Cup under consideration. You will grasp a detailed overview of the container through its independent qualities and characteristics. So, let’s dive into the discussion to explore more.

Xiaomi strives relentlessly to assemble varied kinds of products in each product segment. Venturing as a smartphone developer, today, the Chinese business tycoon Xiaomi has reserved a vast space in multiple market wings. Be it a smartphone, robot cleaners, smart electric consumer goods, health and fitness equipment, and of course, kitchen appliances. It reins every corner.

Thanks to sub-brands of Xiaomi, which also have done an adorable job to put Xiaomi on the front foot. The parent brand directs Mijia, Redmi, Viomi, Roborock, Wicue, and numerous other subsidiaries. They all are assigned with a dedicated responsibility to serve users around the globe. That’s the prime reason behind the gargantuan consumer base of Xiaomi.

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Today, we are here to dwell over the magic sucker stainless bottle produced by Xiaomi. It is a portable unit with 470ML storage capacity to meet your daily usage needs. The high-grade stainless food grade silica gel is executed astutely to obtain the innovative magic sucker.

Now is the moment to say goodbye to accidental watering with a unique cup body separation design. The liquid is prevented intelligently. Furthermore, the Xiaomi Mijia Fiu insulation suction mug features an open cup handle with a 360-degree free loop grip. The anti-scalding insulation cup is splash-proof and leakproof with 304 antibacterial stainless steel linear.

In the following section, we will get along with various attributions of the stainless-steel mug in pull out more. So, let’s proceed without any further ado.

Xiaomi Mijia Fiu Suction Cup Stainless Bottle Review: What are the Features and Specifications?

Physical Design and Construction

We believe in examining any device right from the physical outlook and assembling. In fact, exterior is the first prospect buyers deal with while purchasing the product.

In the case of an insulation mug, the company has united all its efforts to develop an ergonomic and sleek design following the kitchen world. It provides exquisite bounding due to the stainless-steel application along with some other health-friendly materials.

Furthermore, Xiaomi applies the PP/AB and 304 stainless-steel as well as food-grade silica gel to form the cup body. The circular physique ensures glossy feel to hands as it comes with dual-insulation and fine craftsmanship around.

On the top edge, the cup contains an anti-dust cover and then an anti-cup rubber ring. Inside the body, it has a 304 bacteriostatic stainless-steel linear, which keeps the food healthy and tasty. Moreover, outside, you will get an ABS resin structure with a convenient handle to hold the cup.

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Now, let’s talk about the unique prospect of the liquid container. It has an innovative magic sucker at the bottom side. It uses air pressure and innovative magic suction technology to absorb the cup tightly on the table. Hence, there is no chance of accidental watering.

Similarly, Xiaomi offers cup body separation design that helps in preventing liquid dripping. You will enjoy a comfortable grip and ergonomic style to hold the mug freely.

In terms of physical measurement, the Xiaomi Mijia Fiu insulation suction cup scales at 142.2 x 141 x 96.5 mm. Further, the stainless cup weighs 320g to be as light as it should be. However, Xiaomi decides to restrict the colour options to the alone white.

Storage Capacity and Dual-Insulation

Users are capable of storing up to 470ML of liquid matter in Xiaomi’s latest suction cup stainless bottle. It is nearly half of the litter that is impressive to have greater quality in the same slot. The silicone + PP material execution implies greater and healthier outputs. It also captures ant-scalding and insulation ideology besides dust-proof and coating.

Along with this, the mug provides double insulation policy and splash design. The 360-degree handheld free loop grip makes the holding smoother and convenient. The dust cover prevents the dust from entering the mug with the help of a dustproof apron. The liquid will remain cold/hot for a longer time in the stainless cup. Likewise, the ABS resin cup body offers gentle holding due to the skin-friendly coating around the texture.

BPA-Free Service

Here is a crucial factor in the context of health concerns. The manufacturer uses the high-grade substance material to make sure the healthier usage. For example, the suction mug doesn’t use bisphenol A component during the production process. It cultivates the polymer to compliance the environmental requirements.

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Another distinguishing characteristic is the BPA-free service. There is no use of BPA to meet the environmental and FDA stipulations. At the same time, the company also has cared for users by avoiding impurities, additives heavy metals and other dangerous ingredients.

Furthermore, the Xiaomi Mijia Fiu insulation mug is repellent to corrosion by oils, detergents, perfumes, and other matters of the same family. It is also resistant to hydrolysis in humid atmospheres.

By following various health-oriented protocols as said above, Xiaomi ensures users will enjoy healthier usage without triggering any harmful trouble to the body.


Undoubtedly, the price factor is one of the great influencers regarding any product. Buyers look for productive and legitimate equipment at a reasonable rate. It must be true in our review case as well.

Along with many other online shopping sites, the Xiaomi Mijia Fiu suction stainless white mug is also available on AliExpress. It is appearing for 24.59 US dollars for a single unit.


Summing up the Xiaomi Mijia Fiu stainless cup review, the device is great for home and outside use. Its portable and leakproof design provides a gentle application. The innovative magic suction technology further ensures protection against accidental watering. It is suitable for all family members, children below 10 years of age can face some complications while using the cup, however.

Overall, the product is worth clicking with wide application and given the stylish portable identity. The rest always remains with the buyer.

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