XIAOMI Mijia Cleanfly FVQ Portable Wireless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner for Car and Home Review

May 19

Cleaning tight areas sometimes become a daunting task. But now you don’t need to panic as we have got a unique solution for the challenge. In this guide, we will mull over the Xiaomi Mijia Cleanfly Portable Handheld Vacuum Cleaner. It is an incredibly ideal device to suck the dust, debris, paper scraps etc. in your car and home. Read on to discover more.



Xiaomi is a Chinese brand that specializes in consumer electronic products. It directs innumerable subsidiaries to manufacture varied kinds of equipment in different categories. Although it started with smartphones, today, it is reining the global market in terms of robot cleaners, electric toothbrush, electric scooters, air purifiers and lots of other household devices.

When it comes to vacuuming items, the company is at the apex. With a vast product portfolio, Xiaomi has done a magnificent job. It keeps on updating its foil frequently with advanced developments. Smart vacuum cleaners are quite popular among the masses. They provide stunning cleaning performance and saves a lot at time and energy.

The latest Xiaomi Mijia Cleanfly handheld vacuum cleaner is the new entry by the firm. It is a portable and easy-to-carry device, which is suitable for your car, sofa, bed, almirah, keyboard and other hard-to-reach corners. Furthermore, the cleaning machine uses a powerful inbuilt battery, the motor with impressive suction power as well as HEPA 11 grade filtration system.

If you really look for such a device to combat the dusty environment, make sure to get along with the post. Following is the detailed review of Mijia Cleanfly FVQ vacuum cleaner. It will cover every individual prospect, i.e. physical design, performance and other related characteristics. Let’s start.

Xiaomi Mijia Cleanfly Wireless Vacuum Cleaner Review: What are the Features and Specifications?

Design and Physical Construction

Let’s start the talk with the physical appearance and build of the device. Xiaomi’s latest electric vacuum cleaner brings elegant design and structure. It comes in dual color options – Black and White.

Portability is the prime quality of the cleaner. You can store it anywhere in the seat’s backspace of your car, any corner of your almirah. The handheld equipment has a wireless approach and patented ventilation design. At the prima facia, it looks like a cylindrical rod with 7cm diameter and 29.8cm height.

XIAOMI Mijia Cleanfly FVQ Portable Wireless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner for Car and Home Review image 1

The appearance is lucrative and sleek with an exceptional job around the chassis. You will get an adjustable 2-in-1 suction nozzle. It accepts flat mouth, brush head and stretch brush design to switch to different states in seconds.

On the top side, the Mijia Cleanfly wireless vacuum cleaner has a handle and a physical button on the main body. Internally, the machine integrates turbo fan blade design, a filter, an elementary filtration, a bracket and high-efficiency motor. It also contains two 2000 mAh batteries to empower the device.

Additionally, the wireless vacuum cleaner comes with a separate charging cable and some cleaning tools.

Motor and Suction Power

Well, Xiaomi believes in serving its clients with qualified products in terms of performance, design and other prospects. The new Xiaomi Mijia Cleanfly FVQ vacuum cleaner installs a well-compatible and potent motor to run the processes.

The suction power is impressively great at 5000pa in collaboration with the turbo fan blade integration. The high-efficiency & strong motor rotates at 32000 RPM to deliver swift functionality. Therefore, it is capable of absorbing all kinds of dust, debris, hair, paper scraps, potato chips, soot, melon seeds and even coins.

XIAOMI Mijia Cleanfly FVQ Portable Wireless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner for Car and Home Review image 2

Another pertinent feature is lower noise operations. While working on the high-end energy, the tool produces only 65 dB of noise. It is quiet on all power levels to ensure hassle-free functionality.

Ultimately, users can apply the device to fight dust and other debris in the hard to reach corners. It can intrude tight gaps between the car seats and other lacunas for comprehensive sanitation.


When it comes to the power management, Xiaomi deploys rigid battery pack to meet the power needs of the vacuum cleaner. The battery is the pivotal component of any rechargeable electronic equipment. It needs to come with long endurance to minimize the frequent use of the charger.

XIAOMI Mijia Cleanfly FVQ Portable Wireless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner for Car and Home Review image 3

Xiaomi’s brand-new cordless machine utilizes 2 high-performing 2000 mAh batteries. The Li-Ion pair is placed ingeniously inside the handle. As far as the charging time is associated, the Xiaomi Mijia Cleanfly portable vacuum machine takes around 1.5 hours to top the pack thanks to the 12V/2A quick charging technology. Further, you will get 13 minutes of usage on each charge.

For the empowerment, the box also includes a portable charger with a long wire. The machine has a circular charging point, fitted between the ventilation outlet. Along with, there is an LED indicator that implies the charging status etc.

Additional Specifications

In the list, Xiaomi-branded Mijia Cleanfly wireless vacuum cleaner includes some other productive protocols to obtain the high-end outputs. First, it supports the 2-in-1 adjustable suction nozzle for your convenience. You can put any of the flat mouth, brush head or stretch brush design to soothe different requirements.

Furthermore, the machine equips large angle irradiation and LED lighting to overcome insufficient light problems. Sometimes we need to clean dark corners where natural or bulb light cant reach. On that occasion, the LED lamp on the device helps to kill the needs. There is a dedicated key to start-stop lighting and absorption.

XIAOMI Mijia Cleanfly FVQ Portable Wireless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner for Car and Home Review image 4

As per the cleaning functions, the Cleanfly handheld vacuum cleaner installs the HEPA 11 grade filter purification system. It uses dual-layer filters like an elementary filter on the top and a central filter to ensure high-end performance. Moreover, the HEPA filter comes with a durable working ideology that is used in floor-cleaning robotics as well.




At the end of the Xiaomi Mijia Cleanfly handheld portable vacuum cleaner review, we can say that it is a great tool to meet daily cleaning needs. It is either your car, home, office or any other place, Xiaomi’s new development is pertinent. Overall, the vacuum machine is worth-recommended given its wide applications and usability.

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