Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Review: Arrived India as Mi Smart Band 4 but Enlisting Similar Features

Apr 20



As the fourth iteration of the Mi Band Series, the Chinese business tycoon Xiaomi introduced the Mi Band 4 back in June 2019. Today, we will devote some serious attention to elaborate on the wrist wearable’s design and technical prospects. So, if you are keen to discover more, make sure to keep sticking with the text guide until the end.

Xiaomi is a plausible and highly-rated manufacturer in the smart wrist wearable industry. Since years, it has monopolized the market with quality-driven development, ensuring the best price-performance ratio every time. Therefore, it is no vain to say that Xiaomi is appearing as the world’s most preferred and recognized brand in the smart consumer electronic products category.

With a view to accelerate its famous smart wearable series, Xiaomi moved blatantly to launch the Mi Band 4 in China. It is an affordable fitness and sports band for people who tend to take care of health vigilantly. Further, the smart band features lots of technical tools and sensors to help you out achieving your daily fitness targets.

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Later in September, the company approached India to release the same equipment but with a different name. In India, the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 turned Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4 but preserving the previous configurations on the table. As per the usability, the smart wrist bands are trendy now. Today, people are more aware of health and fitness concerns and look for ideal and worthful tools to help in the process.

Having an affinity towards fitness enthusiasts, Xiaomi always strives curiously to assemble something productive for its fan-base. The Mi Band Series is the remark of it along with numerous other fitness developments. Without losing the grip over the topic, let’s concentrate on the device being reviewed.

Mi Band 4: Price

Well, Xiaomi accords the reasonable price policy as priced the Mi Band 4 Standard Edition at Yuan 169 (roughly Rs. 1,700) in China. The NFC Edition will cost you Yuan 229 (roughly Rs. 2,300). Additionally, Xiaomi also pushes the Mi Band 4 Avengers Series Limited Edition, costing at Yuan 349 (roughly Rs. 3,500).

In terms of India pricing, the Mi Smart Band 4 was costing Rs.2,299 at the time of launch. It is available for purchase on Amazon, Mi.com, and Mi Home stores throughout the country.

Mi Band 4 Review: What are the Features and Specifications?

Design and Build

The physical aesthetics of the Mi Band 4 wrist band are ergonomic, stylish and appealing. It holds all its electronic tools in the capsule-shaped plastic body. The silicone straps on both sides are detachable and provide a snug fit on the wrist.

The top-end features a rectangular 0.95” display with rounded edges. It also has a capacitive button beneath the screen. When it comes to the bottom plate, you will see a heart rate sensor along with pins for charging. For charging, you need to take the whole chassis out of the band to place it on the charger.

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Furthermore, you won’t feel annoying while wearing the Mi Band 4 for long. You will have a secure and lightweight fit and it will not disturb you anymore with your daily chores.

The silicon-made bands are mild and sensitive with several colour options. You can adjust the capsule in any of your favourite coloured band like Pink, Orange, Black, Navy and Violet etc. It further provides the press-button system in place of the buckle to ensure quicker gripping. Well, you can also use your Mi Band 3 straps on the latest model.


The pivotal is the display, being the highlighting corner of the smart wrist wearable. It measures 0.95-inch to assist you with a broader range of options inside. The rectangular shape looks really impressive with circular edges on both sides.

The Xiaomi Mi Band 4 captures an AMOLED touch panel in the setting, which is crispy and colourful to present valuable data and information clearly. It delivers 240x120 pixels resolution as well as 2.5D glass protection on top. You won’t have any issue when it comes to reading the content in the direct sunlight.

Below the panel, it has a capacitive button to make its functionality more agile. Users need to swipe up and down to witness different screens like heart rate, notifications, workouts etc. The left and right swipe will give you the music player that works well but a bit slower in loading songs. Besides, it also allows you to switch between plenty of customizable watch faces.

Other Smart Technicalities

Now, let’s go through the technical aspects of the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 review. The wrist wearable band equips 3-axis gyroscope and 6-axis accelerometer to support lots of tracking and physical activities. It claims to capture six sports modes, i.e. treadmill, outdoor running, cycling, swimming and lots more.

Moreover, Xiaomi’s band includes 24-hour PPG heart rate sensor to monitor your heart rate continuously. The sleep tracker is there to monitor your sleeping patterns to obtain the best possible suggestions. 

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In addition to the health and fitness scanners, the band also embeds a wide range of other facilities like phone finder, alarm, sedentary reminder, stopwatch, incoming call/SMS reminder, goal notifications are few to name.

In the power wing, the Mi Band 4 installs the 135 mAh battery that touts to run for 20 days on a single charge. In a related move, Xiaomi enables the device to support the Mi Fit mobile app. It offers a genuine and realistic interface to denote valuable information.

Likewise, the band is prone to 5ATM waterproof rating to resist water by up to the depth of 50 meters. This prospect can also identify some swimming strokes like breaststroke, freestyle, backstroke, butterfly etc. along with the swolf score to help you determining swimming skills.

It is also well-compatible with smartphone devices running Android 4.4 and iOS 9.0 or later versions.

Concluding all, the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 is a comprehensive pack of advanced technologies to boost your fitness and performance levels. Price should not be a barrier in our opinion.

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