Xiaomi Mi Band 3 Review

Nov 21, 2018

Not so long ago, Xiaomi presented another potential hit - the Mi Band 3 fitness bracelet.

Mi Band 3 looks like a real aristocrat against this background. A soft black silicone strap will not attract attention even in combination with a strict business suit.

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The streamlined capsule looks elegant and discreet. In general, lovers of the classics will be satisfied. Today, we are going to review the specifications and functions of this lovely device.


Specifications, comparison Xiaomi Mi Band 3 with Mi Band 2

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Main functions of Xiaomi Mi Band 3

In the first place, everyone uses call and message notifications. Very convenient - you can see who is calling or what they write, without getting the device out of your pocket. The vibration of the bracelet feels good, Cyrillic in notifications is displayed correctly.

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In addition, it is possible to configure a reminder of an important event. At the appointed time, Mi Band 3 will display a predefined message. Another useful feature is the inclusion of a silent mode on the phone directly from the bracelet. It will be useful if you are sitting at an important meeting and suddenly remembered that you forgot to turn off the sound.

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The bracelet can also help you out if you just can not find a smartphone. It is enough to press one button on it so that the lost device starts to emit loud signals. And in the gadget there is a built-in stopwatch and several time display formats on the screen.

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Pupils, students, office workers and all people who have to get up early will enjoy the built-in alarm clock. He will definitely wake up his master at the appointed time, without alarming all his relatives. And before leaving the house, you can clarify what the weather is outside. Mi Band 3 can show current meteorological conditions and forecast for several days.

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The charging unit is still based on two terminals, but the holder has slightly increased, just under the new dimensions of the capsule. Full charge time is 1.5 - 2 hours.

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Sport functions of Xiaomi Mi Band 3

Sporting functions, of course, have not gone away. Mi Band 3 is able to record steps, distance traveled and calories burned. Software algorithms are able to distinguish between slow walking, fast walking, running and some other types of activity. Data on other sports will have to enter manually. Since there is no GPS in Mi Band 3, the accuracy of speed and distance estimates leaves much to be desired.

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This accuracy is enough for ordinary users, but it will not be enough for serious sports.Approximately the same can be said about tracking sleep and heart rate readings. An approximate understanding of the quality of sleep and heart rate Mi Band 3 gives. But it is necessary to draw any conclusions based on them with great caution. It should be remembered that objective data can be obtained only with the help of special medical equipment, and Mi Band 3 is not included in its number in any case.

Autonomy and protection of Xiaomi Mi Band 3

As we told in a recent comparison , the screen in the new version of the Mi Band has become a bit bigger, the backlight is brighter, and the number of functions has increased. Therefore, it could be expected that the autonomy of the Mi Band 3 will be slightly lower than that of its predecessor.

These fears were only partially justified. The capacity of the battery in the new bracelet is 110 mAh, which ensures up to 20 days of work on one charge. Recall that the lifetime of the Mi Band 2 could reach a month. So some deterioration of this parameter is, but not catastrophic. All the same, all competitors are working much less.

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But the waterproof in the new bracelet has become better. Protection Mi Band 3 corresponds to the class IP68, which allows not only to wet it under the shower, but even to swim without removing the bracelet.

Optional accessories of Xiaomi Mi Band 3

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A smart bracelet is always in a high-risk area. The owner can at any time hit it or scratch it, the strap may break, and the charging wiring fails. If you bought a bracelet from another manufacturer, then you will have to work hard to find accessories for it. In some cases it is very expensive or even impossible. Xiaomi products are very popular, so there are a lot of accessories for the Mi Band 3 on the market: protective films, chargers, interchangeable straps of all sizes and colors. Some of them are not inferior to the original products, but they are worth a penny .

Our Conclusion

The third generation of the famous "Mi bands" from Xiaomi continues to develop a successful concept laid at the beginning of the victorious procession of this product around the planet - conveniently, functionally, inexpensively. The bracelet received the function of reading notifications, which was desired by many owners of previous generations, and with it a number of chips, which turned out to be a pleasant addition to the existing list of possibilities. The size has grown, the design has changed, the product has received a new face, but it still remains recognizable, and it is unlikely to mix it up with bracelets from other manufacturers. Overall, Mi Band 3 is a great gadget that is worth every penny of its price. 

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