Xiaomi Huayi 38W Household Disinfection Lamp Review: Give your family a sterilized and healthy home

May 12

Xiaomi’s latest disinfection lamp has the potential to keep your home neat and clean of harmful bacteria and insects. Today, we have the Xiaomi Huayi 38W household disinfection lamp on the reviewing podium. It is another way Xiaomi feels for its customers effective to dispel harmful infects even COVID-19 coronavirus bacteria. Is it a worthy device for you? Should you buy it? Let’s proceed ahead to discover more.

It is no secret that Xiaomi is vigilant concerning its customer’s safety and health issues. The company always manages to bring something fruitful for users to resolve common household problems. Being a competent and certified household consumer products manufacturer, Xiaomi prioritizes customer satisfaction with quality-over-quantity ideology.

When it comes to the health concerns of the public, the Chinese giant leads from the front. Respectively, it encompasses a variety of smart electric goods, be it mosquito repellents, air purifiers, water purifiers and more. The ultimate intention is to assist its fans with hygienic and genuine products at reasonable lower prices globally.

What makes its way to the portfolio is the brand-new disinfection lamp under one of its ecological platforms, Huayi. As the name implies, it is a portable device capable of eliminating micro organs harmful for you and your family.

The new sterilization lamp offers a tiny and compact physique that doesn’t cover much space on the table. It uses 38W high power sterilization to provide omnidirectional service. Further, the portable design allows simple installation, and it is perfect for a bedroom, living room, kitchen, public restaurant, shop, classroom, and any other place.

As we promise to let you know the detailed specifications of the Huayi 38W sterilization lamp, let’s go through the following passage to learn more.

Xiaomi Huayi Disinfection Lamp Review: Features and Specifications

Design and Build

How Xiaomi’s new Huayi 38W disinfection lamp look like? Well, there is nothing complicated associated to the physical stature of the lamp. It comes in a sleek and portable design. The chassis is crafted using iron and glass materials and portrays vertical alignment.

Furthermore, it basically consists of two major physical parts. The upper part carries the quartz lamp tube with strong penetrating power. It is a pair of vertically-standing transparent tubes with around 40cm in length.

At the bottom, the lamp has a stable and square metal base to host the glass tube. It also comes with a split design that is convenient to use. Additionally, it tags a wire to supply continuous power.

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What we can term the best quality is the portable and lightweight structure. You don’t need to possess the technical expertness to install the device. It is a 2-second approach to let you enjoy quick services. Whether it is a living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, classroom, restaurants or any other public place, it is there to serve you.

Similarly, Xiaomi’s high-power disinfection lamp scales at attractive physical dimensions. On the scale, the lamp measures around 42.8 x 12 x 12 cm. when it comes to weighing the device, you will get around 800g of the weight.

The company decides to push the lamp in the lone white colour skin. It feels glossy, ergonomic and skin-friendly with superior craftsmanship overall. Thus, the Huayi 38W lamp ensures magnificent physical aesthetics, including lightweight and portable contour, to allow you to use it in any corner.

Ultraviolet Zone Large Area Disinfection

The Chinese technology leader Xiaomi is looking forward to bringing a safeguarding tool against the ongoing pandemic. Several research centres have proven the device to be potent to fight the deadly viruses, including corona and others.

As per the performance prospect, the Huayi household disinfection lamp is certified to offer up to 99.9% of successful cases while killing viruses. Thanks to the UV (ultraviolet) light plus ozone protection layer generated by the lamp.

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Further, it delivers 360-degree light disinfection using dual-mode functionality. Using ultraviolet and ozone properties, it is capable of destroying the DNA and RNA of microorganisms. Ultimately, bacterial livings lose their reproductive ability and die. On the other hand, the operation mode of gas + light can inactivate the infections more widely.

38W High-Power Disinfection

Undoubtedly, it is one of the most advantageous and productive configurations of the Huayi household sterilization lamp.

With the 38W of high-powered disinfection ability, the machine can meet the sterilization needs of a 40 m2 room. Likewise, the 40cm double ultraviolet tube along with all-around non-blocking irradiation, cares a wider range of space against invisible pests.

Compared to the disinfectant water, bleach powder etc., the ultraviolet disinfection lamp offers more scope to operate. It tends to disinfect not only the surface of the water, object etc., but also can wipe out the mites and formaldehyde, mold smell to give your family a healthier atmosphere.

Additional Features

In terms of some other qualifications, the Huayi 38W disinfection electric lamp provides a remote-control switch to direct the device.

Furthermore, if the area to be disinfected is around 10 m2, then the lamp will operate for 25 minutes. Accordingly, the working time is 30 and 40 minutes for the area size of 20 m2 and 40 m2, respectively. The rated voltage is 220V.

At the same time, there is a must-follow precaution for users as well. When the lamp is switched on in the room, you must stay outside the room. Even your pet should also not be in the room. The ultraviolet rays may harm you. Similarly, it can also cause danger to your eyes if you gaze it for a few minutes continuously.

Huayi 38W Household Disinfection Lamp – Price

Well, the infection killer is available on several online portals for purchase. You can head to any of the Gearbest, Banggood, Vopmart etc. to avail the product with a little contrast in the price factor.

On the Gearbest store, you can grab Xiaomi’s Huayi disinfection lamp for 50.99 US dollars after a lucrative 35% off. The Flash Sale campaign is about to collapse in 27 days from today (May 2).

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