Xiaomi Airdots Pro 2 New TWS Earphones Review

Feb 13, 2020

Not long ago Xiaomi has released its latest true wireless earphones, Xiaomi Airdots Pro 2, the upgraded version of its predecessor Xiaomi Airdots Pro. I have used this Xiaomi headphones for more than a month, and let us get our hands on it and make a short review right now.


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The packaging box of Airdots Pro 2 is the same as that of Redmi. There are not many things inside: the manual, charging cable Type-C, two headphones and a charging case, that’s all.


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Different from the Airdots Pro of previous generation, Xiaomi Airdots Pro 2 feature a semi-ear design, whereas the earlier Airdots have an in-ear design. 

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Made in pure white color, the charging case has clean looks. (I have been using Xiaomi headphones for more than a month, on the whole, the use experience is good, but the white charging case gets dirty very easy).

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You will hardly notice the indicator situated in the middle of the box.

There is a functional button on the right side, which controls the earbuds’ connection.

Xiaomi Airdots Pro 2 allow Type-C charging, and the C port is placed at the bottom.

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The lid of the charging case has a magnetic suction design, that is sturdy and firm. However, the charging case has more corners and edges than its predecessor Xiaomi Airdots. I personally prefer the round shape better.

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Overall, Airdots Pro 2 features a really compact design, which comes in a small size. You can carry the charging box everywhere and put it into pocket easily.


Many people say that the feeling when you wear Apple’s AirPods Pro is almost the same with Xiaomi Airdots Pro 2. To be frank, I have never tried  AirPods, so I can only trust that they feel the same. Anyway, the thick plug of Airdots Pro 2 is very comfortable and fits well in the ear. I can even wear it for several hours in a row. 

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Though headphones look a bit massive in the photo, they are quite comfortable in practice and do not give any unpleasant feelings.

The overall workmanship of the Xiaomi headphones is not bad except for the big seam on the cover.

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Airdots Pro 2 come with an integrated infrared optical sensor, so when you take off the headset, the music will be automatically paused and it automatically continue, when you wear the Xiaomi headphones.

Xiaomi Airdots Pro 2 is equipped with the unnoticeable operation button, that is easy to manage. Like most TWS earphones, Airdots Pro 2 headset supports phone calls, voice assistant and music mode. Compared with physical buttons of other TWS earphones, the virtual button of Airdots Pro 2 does not require big pressure, it is enough to press the button gently to operate the Xiaomi headphones.

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In “phone call” mode, double-touch either of the earbuds to answer or hang up the call. In “music mode”, touch the right earbud twice to play or pause the music, and touch the left earphone twice to wake up Xiaoai voice assistant. Note, that if you take off one Xiaomi headphones, the music will stop. 

Due to Bluetooth 5.0, Airdots Pro 2 have a strong wireless connection within 10 meters.

When it comes to the audio-sync performance, the Xiaomi headphones lag for about 0.5 seconds, which is especially noticeable while playing games. Airdots Pro 2 is not suitable for the games which rely on real-time sound, for example PUBG. Also, Airdots Pro 2 cannot boast of a good noise-canceling when it comes to games.

However, in the middle range Airdots Pro 2 shows a good performance: all types of music sound excellent in this range.

The phone call quality is decent, but you should wear both earbuds. The voice is quite clear and loud, and people on the other end will hear you well. However make sure to plug in both earbuds otherwise the call clarity leaves much to be desired.


Xiaomi Airdots Pro 2 Earbuds come with a decent battery, supporting about 4 hours of music, and the battery life of the charging case is about 14 hours. It is nice, but not outstanding.

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The earbuds ares automatically connected and disconnected when you put them on/off. You can also use Xiao Ai voice assistant. Because Xiaomi upgraded Airdots Pro 2, so unlike Airdots Pro the music volume was not too low. I personally prefer medium-frequency volume. High-frequency volume and bass quality are satisfactory, and it does not have an obvious thumping effect.

In high-frequency volume, the Xiaomi headphones have a slight sound distortion however voices are very clear.

Overall, the headset is nice for vocal music but you should not expect too much when it comes to bass.

The double noise reduction call was clear and there was no delay. You can do calls just wearing one earbud, so it is suitable for driving. You can listen to tnavigator and answer phone calls while driving. The Xiaomi headphones do not create an effect of the outside noises. The battery life of Xiaomi Airdots Pro 2 and the charging case is satisfactory.  There is no big problem if you do not charge the charging case for a few days. Just for your reference.


The case is rather thin and it is easy to close automatically after opening. Some parts of the Xiaomi headphones look a bit rough. Although earbuds will not fall off if you shake your head, but they might fall if you touch them, for example, while wearing a mask, putting on a sweater or hat.

After one month, my overall experience of using Xiaomi Airdots Pro 2 headset is still good, but tastes differ. It is good for me, though my friends did not give it high evaluation. Airdots Pro 2 is the second product in this Xiaomi headphones series, it is compatible with Xiaomi Xiaoai Voice Assistant APP. 


The Xiaomi Airdots Pro 2 is priced about $60 on Gearbest. You can click the link below to get Xiaomi’s latest headset. 


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