Xiaomi Announced Mi Bluetooth Earphones Line

May 06

The Xiaomi Line Free Bluetooth Headphones Specifications

Xiaomi has done it again. On 27th April 2020, The Xiaomi Corporation has unveiled a new revolutionary handset and a brand new headset. The mobile phone, known as the Xiaomi 10 youth edition, was launched together with the Xiaomi line free Bluetooth headphones. The commodities were listed on Mi.com the same day that they were released. Here is an in-depth look at the specs of the new headsets and a look at what sets them apart from other similar products in the market today.



When it comes to mobile phones, Xiaomi 10 youth edition is the first-ever mobile phone the company has ever produced that utilizes a periscope lens. This means that the lens body of the camera can protrude from the main kit, which enables the user to take high-quality pictures at a fair distance.  

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The periscope lens on the mobile handset can support up to 50x zoom. Being an avatar telescope, it means that the lens also extends out to provide a lossless optical zoom that does not affect the quality of the image taken. The phone has already been listed on Mi.com, and it goes for 2099 yuan, which is an affordable price compared to other products in the market.

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Alongside the Xiaomi 10 youth edition, the company also synchronously released a brand new audio product. This product is the Xiaomi line free Bluetooth headphones. As of 4 pm on the 27th of April 2020, the headsets had already been listed on Mi.com. As a tech company, Xiaomi has incorporated cool features on this headset that make it a very functional audio product. These features include;

Congenial Wearability

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The Xiaomi line free headset is an audio product that is designed to be worn around the neck of the user. This product utilizes a neckband design together with magnetic earbuds. A lot of thought has gone into this collar design as it is very plush and comfortable to wear.  

The part of the collar that comes into contact with a person’s neck is made of highly elastic soft rubber. This rubber plays two parts;

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It is non-slip and easily clamps on the wearer's skin without applying lots of pressure. This makes it a very comfortable product to use. It also does not cause any skin irritation.

It properly secures the fragile parts of the headset, that is, the circuit board and battery. Even though the rubber is snug, it is also very durable. This means that it does an excellent job of protecting the very fragile parts of the product, which include the circuit board and the battery components.

High-Quality Sound That is Also Safe for Your Ears

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This Bluetooth headset produces a pure, clear, and high-quality sound. It utilizes a coaxial double moving coil unit that delivers clear sound when acted upon by electric and magnetic forces. The audio product is powered by the QCC5125 audio chipset created by Qualcomm. This chipset is very powerful and helps produce low power premium sound.

The QCC5125 chipset supports the Qualcomm aptX Adaptive Technology. This is a low latency technology with a minimum delay of up to 80ms. The headset’s chipset also combines DSP and CVC technology. It is the main reason why the product produces crystal clear audio when playing music or taking calls. The Qualcomm chipset also enables the headset to support virtual assistants such as SIRI.

Long Battery Life

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When it comes to charging and battery life, the Xiaomi line free Bluetooth headset has a battery life of nine hours. According to xiaomitoday, you can get a playback time of up to two and a half hours after having charged the battery for only ten minutes. The product is also easily charged via a USB type C port.

Ease of Control

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The headset offers users straightforward ways of controlling the volume, selecting music, and taking calls. This audio product has an in-line control key cluster that is situated along the neckband. On these control clusters, you can easily find the button to control any function that you would want to be performed. Remember, the headset also supports Google's assistant, SIRI, and XiaoAI.


Unfortunately, when it comes to color, Xiaomi line free Bluetooth headphones do not offer you a wide variety of choices. This is because they only come in two types of colors, which are black and white. However, it is good to keep in mind that these headsets have a beautiful sandblasted finish, which makes them quite neat a product.


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According to Gizmochina, the Xiaomi line free headsets were listed on Mi.com by 4 pm the same day they were launched (April 27) for an affordable price of 199 Yuan.

Pros and Cons

As with everything else in life, this product has got those features that make it a very high quality and functional product. However, there are also some elements that bring some shortcomings. Here is a list of the pros and cons of the product;


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  • Low latency (80ms) 

  • Clear audio for playback and calls

  • Very comfortable to wear

  • Long battery life


  • Only comes in two colors

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When looking for the best audio product to use, there are very many factors that you must consider. You have to take into consideration the quality of the sound produced. Other aspects to consider include comfortability, form of the product as well as its size. Furthermore, especially when it comes to Bluetooth devices, the battery life of the product is one of the most paramount factors to consider.

While all these factors, together with the price, are the main elements that most people consider, it is imperative to ensure that the product you choose produces a sound quality that is safe for your eardrums. Xiaomi has incorporated a lot of these features in their new Xiaomi line free Bluetooth headphones.

This audio product incorporates functionality not only in the performance perspective but also in the design and aesthetic aspect. Not only does the headset perform as well as they should, they are very comfortable and also look enticing and impressive from a design beauty standpoint.



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