Wyze Cam Pan 1080p Smarthome Camera Review

Apr 13, 2020

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The Design

The size of the Wyze Cam Pan 1080p smarthome camera 2.2 inches x 2.2 inches at 5.0 (HWD). The color is white matte which looks pretty interesting for a security camera. The shape and size of the cam look similar to the Keep Pro version of iSmartAlarm iCamera.



The resemblance between both the models doesn't end here as both the adopt motorized base that helps to provide the mechanical panning. Along with black lens motorized housing helps to provide an adjustment for mechanical tilt. The Wyze Cam Pan 1080p smarthome camera offers a 93-degree range for vertical tilt and 360 degrees for a pan range.

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Additional to lens housing, Wyze Cam Pan Setup sports on the front a LED indicator and light sensor that glows in blue color whenever you connect the camera and it will flash a yellow light during the process of setup.

The Features

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On the back of the speaker there is a USB port with Type-A that can help to connect with other cameras of Wyze company. Under the camera there is a button for setup, a card slot for microSD, a microphone, and a port to power USB. There is a six feet power USB cable, quick guide to start, and a USB adapter for power.

The Wyze Cam Pan 1080p smarthome camera records video quality of 1080p at 15fps, it also comes with a 120-degree view, and 8x digital zoom. The Wyze Cam Pan Setup uses 6 LEDs infrared that provide night vision up to 30 feet in video (black and white). It also consists of Wi-Fi frequency of 802.11 for connecting network at your home.

It runs on a band of 2.4GHz while the Keep Pro of iCamera runs on 2.4GHz network and provides Wi-Fi connectivity of 5GHz. The Wyze Cam Pan 1080p smarthome camera comes with a free storage for 14 days while iCamera offers 30 clips for free on cloud storage.


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This smart cam comes with mobile application just like previous versions of all the models from Wyze Cam Pan Setup that supports iOS along with Android smartphones. The app opens to your smartphone screen that you have installed cameras and all the cameras will display the last image captured.

Once you open the application on your smartphone or any other smart device with a screen, you will find the interface of the application is absolutely easy to use. The screen's bottom displays three tabs such as My account, Devices, and Notifications while on the top of the screen's right corner you can find an icon in plus signature that allows you to add new cameras in Wyze Cam Pan Setup.

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The Wyze Cam Pan Review tab of Notification will allow you to see all the history of your smoke, sound, CO alerts, and motion with an associated thumbnail of that particular video which makes it easier to choose the video file to play quickly if required.

In fact, to make some additional space in your storage you can simply click on those thumbnails to not only play that particular video but also delete or share it. While in the Wyze Cam Pan Setup "My Account" tab will allow you to check the version of your application installed, update your password, change the email ID if required, also get feedback topics and access help.


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The installation of the Wyze Cam Pan 1080p smarthome camera is super easy as you just need to download the app in your smart device and then simply sign in the account. In case, you are a first-time user and don't have any account then you can simply create Wyze Cam Pan Review a new account right away.

All you have to do is tap on the plus icon to add any device you like and then select the Wyze Cam Pan Setup, also follow the instructions displayed on-screen to plug the camera and after waiting for just 20 seconds there will be a flashlight of yellow color. 

Then simply held the button for setup for just few seconds till you hear a beep sound and then a voice note will follow that says "Ready for connection" in Wyze Cam Pan Review.


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The Wyze Cam Pan 1080p smarthome camera delivers sharp and colorful video of 1080p during the daytime recording and the vision is very clear even though the recording is black and white in the night vision. The quality of the recorded and live videos is fluid while it is not really smooth compared to the Keep Pro version of iCamera and it has a slight barrel distortion touch in Wyze Cam Pan Review.

The plus point is that the tilt motion and pan motion is much more responsive compared to the Keep Pro of iCamera. Also, the audio of both ways is clear and loud. The sound alerts and the motions are instantly notified without any delays along with the motion tagging and tracking is featured really well.


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The price is affordable and yet the features are not compromised compared to any other expensive security camera including the tilt and mechanical pan motion. While Wyze Cam Pan Review is easier to adopt IFTTT applets that allow interaction with other devices that are also IFTTT-enabled. 

Worth noting, you cannot just directly integrate the IFTTT like other security home system. It will be hard to find any other camera with similar features within $30 only and that's one of the biggest reasons that it earns the Editor’s Choice award.

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