What is new about the Dangbei D1 Projector? A thoughtful review that changes your life

May 06

Lately, we have seen the great development of home cinemas and home entertainment systems. Dangbei D1 is the projector that gathers all the great qualities you expect to find in portable home cinema systems, while at the same time can work as a normal desktop computer and give you the screen to work.

The Dangbei technology is always confident to offer more quality for the money you pay and that is why we should engage in a detailed review of the product to decide if it matches your personal needs, tastes, and beliefs.

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Brand overview

Dangbei has been one of the Chinese giants in home cinema and entertainment systems. It produces high-end projectors that have the highest illumination and analysis in the market at a fraction of the price you pay for the western competitors.

The Dangbei devices are fully compatible with any possible laptop or desktop you already have. Not to mention, that there is BlueTooth connectivity to make it possible to work no matter where you want to place it in your house.


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The projector is lightweight and portable. You will be amazed to see that it is made from quality plastic material to stay intact from mild impacts and resist to temperature alterations. The Dangbei logo at the top will always remind you of the quality of the product. It is small enough to fit any room and can be stylish to become a permanent part of your decoration.

It also adopts a four LED design to give you the chance to control the device from the front panel.

There is always the option to choose the remote control so that you can keep on turning on and off the device and decide what is going to be the movie you are going to watch.

Benefits / Reasons to choose

Dangbei comes with a lot of benefits and reasons to choose it against any other opponent. First, it supports almost any language in the world, so that you shall not have any issue operating it no matter where you are located. Then you can connect it to your external devices either via Bluetooth or via HDMI cable. This will make it easier for you to decide where you need to project your movie or even if you want to work on your computer but you will use the Dangbei D1 projector as a screen.

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Pros & Cons

As with any product online there are some pros and cons to the decision to purchase the Dangbei D1 projector:


  • Lightweight design

  • Style

  • You can place it anywhere

  • It can connect to any possible mobile device wirelessly

  • Gives you higher analysis than all other competitors

  • Affordable price


  • Cannot connect with previous-generation smartphones that don't share the Bluetooth 4.0 protocol


Dangbei D1 Projector comes at the unbelievable price of $469.99 which is among the lowest in the world market. You can purchase it directly from the Dangbei website or even try the discounts offered by the large online retailers like Gearbest and Amazon. Either way, you will have your projector at the most competitive price.

How to install

You only need to plug it to the power network and press the on/off button. Then the Dangbei D1 projector will launch the operating system and give you a thorough presentation of what you need to do to install it successfully. There is a step-by-step procedure where you cannot miss any serious information. The communication to the other devices is always easy to establish simply by using the wireless network of the Bluetooth protocols.

Who can use

 This device is made for people who like to spend time at home. It is an ideal gift for teenagers who like online gaming since they can have a widescreen experience and be fascinated by the results.

However, it has been observed that the biggest audience for the Dangbei Projector has been the elder people who like to view movies at home with their company. These are the ones that are not afraid to pay more to have a reliable projector at home and get entertained when they feel like.

How to order

You may order through the official Dangbei Site or even go to some retailers like Gearbest, Amazon, and Value Q. Each one will give you a special rebate about the direct purchase of the projector and will guarantee that you can have free shipping no matter where you reside.

Customer support

The customer support service of Dangbei is one that other companies are jealous of. The company maintains four multilingual call centers to cover each separate continent and have agents who can talk in all major languages.

People in Dangbei are there to help each calling customer to resolve the issues they possibly face with their projector and even run a long-distance remote diagnostics to check if everything is the way it should be.

Others to know

Dangbei has been the leader in the market ever since it has managed to produce affordable projectors offered to the public. Ensure that you will not expose Dangbei D1 projector to moisture as it could easily compromise its circuits.



Here are some questions that people ask online:

Can I connect the Dangbei D1 projector to my smartphone?

There is a chance to connect it to your smartphone as long as it has the Bluetooth 4.0 protocol.

What is the energy consumption of the Dangbei D1 projector?

It works like a normal television at 900W which means it consumes less energy than other devices at your household.


As you can see Dangbei D1 projector s a complete device for your home entertainment offering you numerous hours chilling out with friends and watching your favorite movies.

You will be thrilled with the multiple connectivity possibilities it offers you. Stay tuned for even more products from Dangbei that has come here to stay and offer you reliable items that add on to your house image.

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