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Jun 22

Welcome to the ValueQ Product Testing!

Do you want to get sent products to test, keep them and even earn money reviewing them?  Join the ValueQ product testing now!

Click the link to join in now

What is ValueQ product testing

ValueQ aims to invite high-quality content creators from all fields to participate in our product testing. Through the real experience of using the product which produces objective and non-biased output will enable potential customers access to real and high-quality reviews.

In short, ValueQ's cooperating brands will provide a large number of products for creators to test. Creators sign up to participate, complete the product testing review content and submit as required.

After the activity is over, the product belongs to the content creator; during the product testing process, The platform does not charge any fees from creators.

Why you should join ValueQ product testing?

  • You can get free products from our cooperating brands

  • You can earn money

  • You could use ValueQ ‘s traffic to promote your personal blogs or social media accounts

  • You will have opportunities to get in touch with Chinese brand suppliers and get sponsored from them

  • You will have your own ValueQ talent channel and international followers. 

How do I apply ValueQ product testing?

  1. Open product testing page:

  2. Click "Apply" button 

  3. Fill in the relative information

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How can I know I selected successfully or not

  • Winner announcement

  • Winners would be announced on Facebook groupInstagramFacebook Page

  • We'll send winners a confirmation email for shipping information, please kindly note your inbox.

  • We will regard that you give up automatically should there be failure to get in touch with our team within 7 days.

What should I do after I win the product

  • Check your email inbox, and join our Facebook group.

  • Answer the email, provide your information to get products.

  • After you received the products, please finish the review report within the deadline. Normally we will require article review/video reviews, which will according to your option.

Submit requirement: 

1. For videos: Upload your video to your Instagram and Youtube account with ValueQ logo and feature picture (ValueQ logo and picture cover will be sent in advance)

2. For articles: create a ValueQ account and submit your article accordingly to and wait for approval

How to improve the success rate

  • Provide your review sample link(article or video)

  • If you are an influencer in the relevant niches on other platforms

  • If you are a blogger or own your personal site in the relevant niches

  • Share our product testing poster in your social accounts 

Text Review Guidelines

  • Written by you with none of it plagiarized from somewhere else.

  • Not published elsewhere on the web.

  • Word Count – Please submit articles of at least 1000 words.

  • Pictures are clear and optimized.

  • Videos Inside Your Article: You are welcome to insert a Youtube video into your article

Video creating guidelines

  • keep the review short and to the point

  • Focus on the product & discuss it equitably.

  • Concentrate on the primary features & what they do

  • Riff your script, don’t give a valedictorian speech.

  • Use quick, clean edits & lots of them.

  • At least 3 minutes

  • The outstanding attendees will have more test opportunities next time


  • You will be blocked once the following situations happen:

  • Quit the product testing qualification more than 2 times for personal reasons;

  • Failure to complete the review report within the deadline;

  • The review report is suspected of plagiarism;

  • Your report has serious factual errors and tend to be misleading.

Good luck and have fun!

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