Understanding Why Coronavirus So Bad in Italy | COVID-19

Apr 17, 2020

Understanding Why Coronavirus So Bad in Italy | COVID-19 image 1

Why coronavirus so bad in Italy

There are countries like China that were affected before Italy but what made the death toll reaching the highest amongst all other countries? As per the latest reports on coronavirus, Italy has affected the most because of COVID-19 in the world. The fatality rate of coronavirus is 10 percent which is way more than the age of global data recorded.

According to WHO the average across the glove is 3.4 percent which makes Italy 6.3% higher than all other countries. After research, one of the most affecting factors to this country is the age range of the population that lands above 65 years old age. Yes, 23 percent of the population in Italy is above 65 years as per the NYT.

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Compared to the U.S. the median age of Italy is 47 as per Times. As per Local, many deaths took place among the population that belongs in their 80s and 90s. As per experts, this age group is more exposed to severe complexity caused by Coronavirus and this reveals why coronavirus so bad in Italy.

Demographics of Population

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Additionally, older people occur to be the greater portion in Italy that got affected with about 37 percent that was above 70 years old compared to China that had 12 percent as per the Journal of JAMA. The demographics play an important role in the rate of overall mortality of the population in a particular country for COVID-19 says professor Aubree Gordon, an associate of epidemiology at Michigan University.

This case study reveals that age is not just a standardized factor for mortality rate but also the demographics underlying the population and this is why coronavirus so bad in Italy. The country with a young population will be expected to have an increased mortality rate on average. Additionally, when people start to reach a certain age, the chances of weakening the immunity system by diabetes or cancer increases says an epidemiologist, Krys Johnson of Public Health at the College of Temple University.

Medical Care

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Another reason that adds in a number of increased cases is the medical care required that overwhelm due to increasing in severely ill cases in a particular region. This case is similar to Wuhan in China where amid COVID-19 outbreak started and noticed the majority of coronavirus cases. As per reports coming from World Health Organization mentioned that the rate of fatality was 5.8 percent in Wuhan whereas in the rest of the world it is 0.7 percent.

While Italy conducted initially extensive testing of asymptomatic and symptomatic contacts of coronavirus, the Ministry of Italian Health issued more policies of testing on 25th Feb. Finally, the new policies have prioritized testing with symptoms that are severe and testing limited to asymptomatic people and mild symptoms. These are major reasons why coronavirus so bad in Italy while looking at the change in policies and action taken by the government it is expected the outbreak to slow down soon. 

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