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May 06


A good workshop must have good equipment. A good workman must have a good toolbox with the proper equipment. Allen wrenches provide far much better support and grip than ordinary wrenches. These tools are designed with a hexagonal shape. This way, they can drive any hexagonally shaped nuts or fasteners into their sockets with little effort.



Hex wrenches (also called Allen wrenches) have 6 pressure points, two more than the normal wrenches. However, using a hex wrench does not make much of a difference. They only help you speed up the work and give some comfort.

Allen wrenches have multiple uses including home and commercial tasks. They are used for tightening nuts and bolts, furniture repairs, e.t.c. Some are suitable for SAE applications in the automobile industry while others work best in simpler tasks. Choosing the most efficient Allen wrenches is entirely personal and can be based on factors such as material composition, versatility, and brand. 

This article highlights some of the best Allen wrenches to watch out for this year.

1. The Tekton 25253 Hex Key wrench set ($16.58 on amazon)

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The Tekton 25253 set comes in a beautiful case that keeps the wrenches firmly in place. It prevents them from falling off during work times. The Tekton 25253 Hex wrench set comes with 30 pieces. The ends of each wrench are made to fit an exact size, for higher precision. This prevents them from damage during work and from damaging the screws/bolts.

The Tekton 25253 set is versatile and can be used for SAE applications. It also uses SAE and metric measurement types. 


● Made of strong heat-treated steel that assures the user of durability. This set can be used for a long time

● Marked for various uses

● They are made with black oxide coatings that prevent rust. This coating is also scratch-resistance.

● The casing is clearly marked. It can be easily opened to reach for the small wrenches.


● Many customers have noted the failure of the tekton case. It keeps dropping the tools but this does not affect the performance.

The price goes for $16.58 on Amazon and $17.45 on eBay.

2. The Sunex 2637 set ($66 on amazon)

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The Sunex 2637 set comes in a very simplistic casing. There are 20 wrenches in the set, made for different uses. Each wrench has specific markings for specific fastener (screws and bolts) diameters. These markings are easily readable to make work easier. You can easily pick the right tool while performing a task that requires maximum concentration.

The Sunex 2637 set wrenches are made with chrome-moly steel which is tough and durable. It assures its user that he can use these wrenches even for tough jobs. They can persevere through tough jobs and impact. This set also incorporates SAE and Metric measurements to perform specific tasks. 


● A wide array of options to choose from. The wrenches are 20 in number, you can choose the right key for the right job.

● Strength. These wrenches are made through solid piece constructions. A solid piece construction ensures that the wrenches can be used for hardcore tasks e.g. automotive tasks.

● Easy storage- The strong case can store the tools properly at your convenience.

● ANSI Standardization- Sunex 2637 wrenches are usually tested to assure the user of consistent performance and durability.


● A few customers have complained that the set is not suitable for daily use. However, this should not discourage you from checking out these wrenches.

The price starts from $66 on Amazon and $101 on eBay.

3. Wera 950 L-key Ball point hex key (German) (25 Euros on amazon)

Top 7 Allen Wrench Set image 3

The Wera 950 set comes in a rather unique storage mechanism. Instead of the usual casing as seen in previous sets, the Wera 950 wrenches are bound together by a clip. Each wrench is specifically designed with high accuracy at the tips. This helps them to maximize on the grips. It also prevents damage to the fasteners, bolts, and screws as well as preventing damage to the wenches.

Wera 950 L-keys have a beautiful multicolor design and a metric measurement system. They also have a plastic handle that enables the user to get a good grip. Their binding clip is strong and does not break easily. 

Each wrench has a hex-plus design that fits perfectly into the fastener. They also have a ballpoint long arm (3/32”*112mm) for quick tasks. The arm surface is laser treated to minimize damage and corrosion.


● Available in all sizes for various tasks.

● Durable water-resistant make.

● Clear markings for easy identification.


● The German product has limited warranty

Price is 25Euros on Amazon and $99 on eBay.

4. Wiha 36986 ($19 on amazon)

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The German-made Wiha set is made of strong chrome-moly steel that keeps them in service for a long time. These wrenches are strong and use a metric measurement type for operation. 

Each wrench has a color code representing the measurements, for easy identification. The finish is made of a nickel-chrome coat that adds to the durability.


● There is easy recognition due to the color code

● The Nickel-Chrome coat assures durability and prevents rust and corrosion.

● Comfortable plastic handles which give the user a firm grip.


● According to customer reviews, the chrome finish is unstable. It keeps wearing off.

The price is $19 on Amazon.

5. Tekton 25262 Long Arm and Ball ($11.65 on amazon)

Top 7 Allen Wrench Set image 5

This set belongs to the Tekton series. The wrenches in the set have a uniquely stylish finish and a great appearance. This particular set constitutes 13 pieces unlike the previous Tekton 25253, which had 30. 

The Tekton 25262 wrenches have a black oxide finish that prevents corrosion. Each wrench has a ball ending with a 25degree angle to help the user work in limited space. There are also options for metric sizes and SAE applications. Designers decided that there was no need for an extra plating, which could lead to chipping on the fastener. It could damage the wrench. There is also a color code which helps in easy identification for the required sizes.

The color code helps in instant identification of the sizes required. In case of difficulty, Tekton offers interactive support. You can contact them if any issues arise with the product.


● Long handle for easy use.

● The strong scratch-resistant metallic build

● Easy identification from the color code.


● It’s a bit difficult to get the right fit in tight angles.

Price starts at $11.64 on Amazon and $11.85 on eBay.

6. Stanley 85-753 SAE & Metric Hex ($13 on amazon)

Top 7 Allen Wrench Set image 6

This set comes in a marked caddy for each key. The whole package comes in 2 units: one for metric keys and the other for automotive engineering (SAE) TASKS. The wrenches in the pack have a rust-resistant black oxide finish to prevent corrosion damage.

Each key is chamfered to fit into the fastener perfectly. This ensures no damage occurs to the wrench, or the screws, nuts, and bolts. 

The Stanley 85-753 set meets the ANSI Standardization for quality assurance.  


● The black oxide coat resists rust and moisture damage, preserving the life of the set.

● Easy storage. With the available hanging holes, you can easily hang them at your convenience.  


● Limited warranty

Price starts at $13 on Amazon.

7. Bondhus 20199 Balldriver L-wrench ($17 on amazon)

Top 7 Allen Wrench Set image 7

According to many customers, the Bondhus set is the most preferred. It meets the performance required and comes at affordable prices. These wrenches have an entry angle of 25 degrees that enables you to work in tight spaces. The ball ends to make it easier to reach fasteners in tight angles, for example, those of heavy machines placed at a corner.

Each key is made of protanium steel which happens to be stronger than the composite materials of competing brands. Bondhus wrenches are strong, durable, and can serve for long. The price is also friendly and the performance meets expectations.


● Lifetime warranty- The manufacturer will replace the product in case of issues and free of charge.

● Strong durable Protanium steel make keeps the set in service.


● Smaller wrenches are not easily accessible due to the design of the case.

Price starts at $17 on Amazon.


Allen wrenches are made of different materials, designs, and come at different prices. As a buyer, price, material, and purpose should be the key factors influencing your decision. A good wrench will not break during work. It should persevere throughout the designated duty.

You should consider the material because the better it is, the better the performance and life of the wrench. For instance, the Tektons are made of chrome vanadium while Bondhu is made of protanium steel which is stronger. As a buyer, always look at the material make and consider it as a factor influencing your decisions.

Purpose: Buy the best wrench for the best job. Tools should be specific to their purpose and one should not substitute unless there is a need. Otherwise, there will be damage to the wrenches and the fasteners. 

Price is also key. Why buy a set with an exaggerated price? The price of the wrench should be friendly and affordable. But, this depends on the seller. Some are cheap while others are expensive. 

Putting these few factors into consideration will ensure that you get the best Allen wrenches for use. 

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