Top 5 Electric Eraser in 2020 | Buying Guide

May 07, 2020

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While drawing if you want to get rid of any particular color from the picture or granite or maybe just willing to lighten them ensuring that it does not affect the surrounding area then an electric eraser is your solution. Electric erasers help to fix these issues specifically with immense ease as it assures getting the particular color or tone you are looking forward to implementing on the drawing.

The electric erasers not only provide you with a firm grip but also help to get results precisely. Well, there is more that this electric eraser can offer you various combinations of colors to choose, an innovative system of vacuum, protection from dust, and proper storage.

One may question, what's the need of this electric eraser? When you slip out of the lines then the only way to eliminate those mistakes without making more damage to your drawing as you have to depend on your hand's steadiness.

Koh-i-Noor Eraser

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Compared to all the other erasers available for your purchase, the Koh-i-Noor Eraser stands out. This electric eraser will suit all kinds of surfaces and probably that's the reason why rightfully all the praises have been earned by this eraser. It is highly portable and can be easily taken anywhere even while traveling.

Being a professional artist, we all know how many days of effort it takes to create a sketch while you don't want to make any kind of mistakes, especially with a small eraser. One tiny mistake is enough to ruin the hard work of days and your masterpiece may not be useful anymore.

This electric eraser comes with various sets of refills of graphite. It is available in 7 options + 4 options. Hence, the users can get assured that the refills are of good quality that will never compromise when it comes to quality.

With the help of this device, you can take care of the tiniest nooks that can get access which is not possible otherwise. While sides of the erasers are used for this job but tiny details are something that usually gets compromised.


  • It can easily run on a battery

  • Take it anywhere while traveling as it is portable

  • No assembling required, simply take it out, unbox and use it

  • High quality

  • It can be used on various surfaces such as drafting vellums, films, paper, and more

  • Firm grip while holding the product


  • Same brand refills are required

  • Little pricey

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The innovations that are provided by the OYEFLY have been successfully surpassing all the levels. While artists can win the hearts of many with their art, this is an electric eraser that will surely win the hearts of many artists. The adorable design of the body has an alien face created on the main end.

Additionally, there are extended alien ears that are heart-melting along with no cords required, which means it is completely portable that can be taken anywhere. The compact design is extremely useful for users who love to travel and draw.

The weight of the eraser is light and easily usable that can be carried even with kids to school that will allow them to inspire the artist in them. There is a spin button located on the device that is very powerful and it also helps to complete the task given without any bugs. You can achieve crispy edges by this device and operating with touch is easier.

If its alien look is not impressive enough for you then there are various colors available for you to choose. There is yellow with blue, only light blue, and also B & W color. OYEFLY is an innovative eraser that provides a system of vacuum that will not only clear the paper but also remove dust around and securely keeps inside the device.


  • Portability of the device such that can be traveled with anywhere

  • Various colors


  • Light pressure

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Ogrmar Kit

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Be it a professional or a growing artist in your children, this is an electric eraser that helps completely for all your needs. There are color choices available in blue and grey while the functionalities and appeal of the product will quickly make a place in your drawing kit.

Getting the sketch messy while trying to get rid of the damage made by your own hands or a regular eraser is the worst thing. 

If you don't want to smear your perfect drawing this is the eraser you should opt. In fact, the design of the eraser is made like a pen which easily fits in the fingers and has a good amount of grip. The main side of the eraser is very precise and ensures flawless tasks every time you use this to fix anything on the sketch or even make highlights.


  • It is can used again by adding refills which makes it beneficial for long term

  • It is portable automatic eraser

  • Using quickly and place it back in your kit

  • Not even an ounce of weight it carries

  • Design is made like a pen which is easier for firm grip


  • For professionals

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Ohuhu Kit

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Looking at modern technology and how products such as electric erasers have made a prominent place in the life of every artist is incredible. The element that assures it to be a handy tool is the shape of the eraser as it is pretty much like using a pencil.

The ease of erasing something that is damaged on your drawing is great. The results are surprisingly fantastic. The ABS plastic built of this electric eraser will ensure that it can stay in your toolkit for a long time. Another advantage of this eraser is being durable along with keeping the rust away from the device.

It works on battery which means you don't have to struggle with the cord that hinders all over your sketch as this has been an issue in the past for many artists to spoil their work by cords or get distracted. It uses batteries of AAA that will not use a lot of energy. It is simple to operate as there is one button to start the product. Hence, one does not have to do any brainstorming before using it.


  • Ensures prominent place in your toolkit

  • Pen-like shape ensures great grip on the device

  • Best results can be achieved

  • ABS plastic built is great for long term durability

  • No cords to hinder your drawings

  • Long lasting

  • Refillable

  • Does not consume much energy


  • You need to buy batteries separately

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AFMAT Eraser

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No doubt, using an electric eraser is the future for sketch artists and thanks to AFMAT that have successfully delivered high-end quality erasers. This eraser will allow you to get precise points to erase that does not require any alteration to your original creativity and thoughts.

You don't have to change the drawing because of the damage made by your hand or while erasing with a regular eraser. The function that allows it to recharge is extremely affordable while it also takes care of the environment. Every time you use a battery, you don't have to dump it and waste it.

One can simply recharge the same batteries and operate. Another advantage of this kit is that it includes a USB cable which means, unlike other kits you don't have to buy separately and add further expenses to your art. Simple unbox the kit and start using it. In fact, there are 140 refills included in the kit.


  • 140 refills included

  • The tool kit includes a USB cable that helps you charging really quick

  • Rechargeable battery that can be used for about 600 times.

  • The powerful battery of 600 mAh

  • Circular motion operation

  • It’s a perfect kit

  • Color can be customized


  • Price on higher side

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You can already see the ongoing protest that questions about using an electric eraser because the traditional eraser looks good enough to perform the task. Well, the question arises what can this modern eraser do that a traditional eraser can't? Nothing could be worse than removing a big area of your creativity by accident with a tiny mistake of a regular eraser.

Well, the answer is achieved once the artist starts using these modern erasers, and later you won't be able to imagine how your professional life was before this eraser. Apart from the regular task of erasing the damage made, you can also perform highlights with the help of this electric eraser. It can be used to ensure that the tiny highlight like an eye can be made with immense detailing.

In fact, you can intentionally create reflection and color huge areas on the canvas. Interestingly, one can use this eraser not only on paper but also on various surfaces. It can help to remove neatly graphite, colored pencil, and also charcoal additionally along with a pencil.

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