Top 20 Sunscreens to Protect Your Skin in 2020

Feb 05

Here we picked 24 best sunscreens to protect your skin all the year-round.

With summer season approaching, it's high time to consider, how to protect yourself and your family from the sun. (By the way, ValueQ reminds you, that you should wear some type of UV blocker not only in summer but all the year-round).

The days when putting sunscreen was a greasy job, making your skin oily and white, are long gone. The sunscreens of the new generation not only put an end to these troubles, but due to the additional formulas and ingredients also provide additional effects - moisturizing, soothing, whitening, glowing.

No matter whether you choose some new promising brands or stick to the classics, one thing is for sure: There are no excuses for not caring about your skin and giving it the protection it deserves. Check our "Best Sunscreen" list to find the trusted favorites.

We have the courage to say that these products could make you enjoy applying your sunscreen and even look forward to it.

All the products recommended in this list were hand-picked by ValueQ editors.

1) My Sol Stick by Sol de Janeiro

Sol de Janeiro is a popular brand standing behind a well-known “Bum Bum Cream”. Not long ago it launched a new sun protection series represented by “My Sol Stick” and nourishing sunscreen oil. We have added “My Sol Stick” to best sunscreen list, since it provides SPF 50 protection and gently moisturizes skin, can be applied on hands, ears, nose and even on tattoos. Due to coconut oil, capuacu butter and acai My Sol Stick has an ultra-softening effect.

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2) Prisma Protect by Dermalogica

The new sunscreen Prisma Protect (SPF 30) by Dermalogica not simply defends your skin from dangerous UV rays, but thanks to sage and matcha extracts, it provides a broad spectrum of effects, soothing and hydrating your skin, making it the best mineral sunscreen.

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3)Pure & Simple Baby Lotion by Coppertone

Is your skin hypersensitive? The new “Pure & Simple” by Coppertone (a brand famous for baby product line and the best sunscreen for kids) was created to calm and gently protect easily irritated skin. It contains natural ingredients such as tea leaf, lotus extract and sea kelp to sooth your skin and zinc oxide to add mineral protection.

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4) Silken Pore Perfecting Sunscreen by Tatcha

Everyone says that the most difficult part of integrating a sunscreen into everyday skin care routine is the mere fact that they cannot get used to applying it daily. The Silken Pore Perfecting Sunscreen by Tatcha is a great option to have a try! Its light formula allows easy spreading, the cream hydrates skin and provides a perfect foundation for makeup.

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5) Mineral Sunscreen Lotion by Bare Republic

Picked by ValueQ Team as the best mineral sunscreen, Mineral Sunscreen Lotion by Bare Republic is made of safe food-grade ingredients, it is suitable for sensitive baby skin, providing gentle SPF 50 protection.

It comes shea butter, coconut oil and chamomile extract for a better soothing, and a special zinc oxide formula enhances protection.

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6) Everyday Superscreen by Supergoop

Everyday Superscreen with SPF 50 spectrum and sunflower extract not only hydrates your skin but also helps to protect your skin from the environmental aggressors. It contains rosemary leaf and natural ingredients to keep your skin smooth and radiant.

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7) UV Defense by SkinCeuticals

Another best sunscreen is UV Defense by SkinCeuticals with SPF 50 spectrum. It has a light texture, it will not make your skin oily and due to Vitamin E and anti-oxidants, the cream will help to protect skin against free radicals.

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8) Tarteguard Sunscreen by Tarte

A portable formula of Tarteguard Sunscreen by Tarte with SPF 30 shields your skin from UV rays, keeping it clean and soft.

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9) Clarant B3 Sunscreen by PONDS FACE 

Applying sunscreen is one of the simplest (most affordable) ways to avoid hyperpigmentation caused by dangerous UV rays. PONDS FACE Clarant B3 Sunscreen with SPF 30, priced only $13.93, effectively moisturizes your skin and brightens it.

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10) Max Mineral Naked by Peter Thomas Roth

Max Mineral by Peter Thomas Roth with SPF 45 produces filtered skin effect and contains titanium and zinc as main UV-blocking components, making it one of the best mineral sunscreens. Consider it as a foundation — the one that helps to protect your skin and prevent cancer.

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11) Day-Light Protection Sunscreen by Neogen

Day-Light Protection Sunscreen launched by Korean beauty brand is one of the best selling products of Neogen, and the reasons are clear. Containing raspberry and rose extracts, Day-Light Protection Sunscreen effectively hydrates your skin. It is quickly absorbed and has SPF 50 broad spectrum.

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12) Anthelios Lotion by La Roche-Posay

Do you have sensitive skin? Then Anthelios Lotion by La Roche-Posay is the right choice for you, since it is one of the best sunscreen for sensitive skin. It can be applied both on body and face. Due to herbal extracts, antioxidants, Vitamin E and mineral complex, the sunscreen soothes irritated skin and effectively protects it from sun.

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13) Daily UV Defense by Kiehl's

Daily UV Defense by Kiehl's is one of the best-selling sunscreens, featuring lightweight formula and SPF 50 high protection, suitable for all skin types, even suitable for our editor’s oily skin. That is the reason why ValueQ Team picked it as the best facial sunscreen.

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14) Umbra Tinte by Drunk Elephant

Umbra Tinte by Drunk Elephant is another vitamin option that moisturizes and provides your skin a natural glow. Besides it is the winner of 2015 Best of Beauty Award. Its active ingredients include zinc oxide, algae extracts and sunflower sprout, delivering moisture and protecting skin from UV rays.

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15) UV Elements by EltaMD

UV Elements by EltaMD is loaded with 10% zinc oxide, 5% titanium dioxide and hyaluronic acid, making it a perfect solution for dry skin. Another reason to buy it is a special formula free of oils, parabens and gluten.

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16) 21;STAY Sunscreen by Dr. Oracle

Korean Beauty brand Dr. Oracle, famous for its peeling sticks, launched a new sunscreen with oily skin in mind, which definitely became one of the best facial sunscreens. The silky cream texture is easily absorbed and provides a semi-matte finish, making your face

fresh with makeup or even without it.

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17) Pep-Start Daily Sunscreen by Clinique

Colorful and simple orange tube of Pep-Start Daily Sunscreen will brighten any selfie. And due to Pep-Start lightweight formula it feels and looks like bare skin, but much better, so we had no doubt to add Pep-Start Daily into our best sunscreen list.

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18) Age Smart Toner by Dermalogica

Your sunscreen can do much more than just protect from UV rays! Thanks to hyaluronic acid and peptides Age Smart Toner ensures long-lasting skin moisturizing, and high protection spectrum SPF 50 effectively defends skin from the dangerous sun radiance, while algae extract and amino-acids keep your skin young and healthy. Due to these features Age Smart Toner can also be considered as the best facial sunscreen.

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19) Clear Stick by Shiseido

Forget about heavy bottles of sunscreen when you go out traveling! This portable stick created by Shiseido will do its job perfectly, providing strong SPF 50 protection. Its water- /sweat-resistant formula is completely transparent, so you can reapply the cream several times while resting at the beach or trekking to the top of a mountain.

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20) Hydro Boost Sunscreen by Neutrogena

Neutrogena brand is recommended by dermatologists as the best sunscreen and it has been ValueQ Editor’s pick for a very long time. The Hydro Boost sunscreen is a light blue gel, which smells like shampoo. It feels a bit cool on skin, dries quickly and due to hyaluronic acid delivers deep moisture.

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Now you have “Top 20 Best Sunscreen List” prepared by ValueQ Editor team. Inside you can find best facial sunscreen, mineral sunscreen, best options for kids and babies. Now you have no excuse for not caring about our skin. Start your protection routine and share your opinion in the comment box below.





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