Top 20: Best Eyebrow Products ValueQ Editors Picked For You

Feb 06

It doesn't make difference whether your face is graced with lean and narrow arches or has thick, bushy brows so popular on Instagram. Maybe ValueQ editor has the same brow shape as you. We have spent much time, looking in the mirror, dealing with our brows (sometimes too much in order to say goodbye to a thick unibrow forever) or resting in the chairs of beauty experts who shape, wax and color our natural arches. Many of us can't even get out of house without handling our brows, which implies that we have tried basically each brow product in the market.

In this article we have prepared a list of the best eyebrow pencils, which are our favorite brow products for brushing out, thickening up, filling in and styling our brows to share our relevant expertise coming from real-life experiments.

All the things are accounted for — gels, powders, pens, best eyebrow pencil and pomades — adding the tricks and tips we have studied from makeup bloggers and beauty artists on how to apply our favorite tools. Are you ready to discover some new great brow products? Continue scrolling to find our editors’ picks from the popular brands such as Glossier, Hourglass, Benefit and others.

All brow products mentioned in this article are hand-picked by ValueQ editors.

1) Revitabrow Serum by Revitalash

Once you discover this game-changing serum, your mind will be blown. The winner of seven Beauty Awards in best eyebrow growth serum nomination - the latest one in 2019 — features a powerful formula rich in peptides that gives strength and shine to your brows, making brittleness and filling in sparse spots caused by environmental factors or excessive tweezing. Before getting stressed by its price tag, realize that one ValueQ Editor recognized the Revitabrow Serum as a saver for her sparse brows.

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2) Sculpting Pen by Hourglass Cosmetics

This amazing brow pen provides together all the greatest features of a pencil, wax and powder, so it’s no surprise its double-ended shape acquired 2019 Beauty Award in best eyebrow pencils. The triangular tip of the Hourglass Pencil makes an impression of fullness with the help of dimension, smartly concealing those over-plucked spots, creating outlined thick brows.

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3) Brow Pencil by Benefit

Unlike traditional simple pencils, angled tip of the Benefit's Pencil, the winner of 2018 Best of Beauty Award in best eyebrow products, makes it simple to draw hair-like strokes, which blend in with your own brow hairs in matte, powdery finish. Its brush is an additional bonus, allowing you to comb messy stragglers into the right place and soften the pigment if you have put too much. That’s the reason we can call Brow Pencil by Benefit the best eyebrow pencil for sparse brows.

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4) Boy Brow by Glossier

One of ValueQ Editors uses Glossier's popular brow gel as the finishing step of her daily routine. "it is definitely the best eyebrow pencil. I do not need to care much about the pencil I apply on my brows, because I complete them with a brush of the Boy Brow in black color," she says. "Boy Brow adds dimension to my brows, so they look denser but do not look like massive blocks."

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5) Tattoo Brow Gel by Maybelline

Tattoo Brow Gel by Maybelline has a long-lasting effect, it stays for about 2 days — even stays through face-washing (with oil-free soap). Its secret is in a great mix of polymers and film formers which are used in waterproof hair gels and mascaras, therefore after you put the gel on your brow, due to spoolie, the gel will not blur.

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6) Busy Gal Brows by Tarte

No matter whether you think yourself lazy or just “busy”, Busy Gal Brows by Tarte designs, holds and brings natural color to your brows without stickiness, that’s the reason it acquired 2018 Best of Beauty Award in best eyebrow brush.

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7) Brow Gel by Eyeko

One of ValueQ Editors claims that Brow Gel by Eyeko is her choice on sluggish days. ""Right after applying foundation and drawing on a liner, I do not have enought energy to take care about my brows. “It takes only five seconds to sweep Eyeko gel through brow arches, and that’s enough to fill in any blank spots and put them in place for the whole day".

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8) Brow Definer by Anastasia Beverly Hills

"I choose Brow Definer by Anastasia Beverly Hills as the best eyebrow pencil, considering that the pencil shape can make it truly easy to obtain the brow shape I need," claims another ValueQ Editor. "Additionally it's so fast to take shape. Just use a piece of paper to gently wipe the edges," she says.

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9) Gimme Brow by Benefit

As judging by its name, Gimme Brow by Benefit will provide you thick, fluffy brows within a couple of tiny swipes. Besides, after the gel has dried down, it will keep shape for a long time even if you sweat, making it one of the best eyebrow products in the same price niche.

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10) Brow Stylist by L’Oréal Paris

For all occasions when a lot less is a lot more, we choose this winner of 2019 Best of Beauty Award in best eyebrow brush. The angled head of Brow Stylist by L’Oréal Paris allows correct placement of the gel, which feels like mousse and helps to obtain a natural brow look that lasts for the whole day long. Brow Stylist by L’Oréal Paris has a budget-friendly price, which we really appreciate.

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11) Eyebrow Pencil by Iope

Eyebrow Pencil by Iope helps you to create color and depth you need due to its waxy head, so you do not need to concern yourself with applying too much tint because there is not enough pigment in it (a common thing with some brow products in the market), so it can be considered as the best eyebrow pencil in terms of pigment richness.

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12) 3D Browtones by Benefit

3D Browtones by Benefit is probably the best eyebrow brush in its price tag. ValueQ beauty specialist claims: "I put the lightest tone, shiny gold, on my brows, fill them in and groom all unruly hairs, so they do not look too dark. That’s the one thing that makes my brows look natural if you put plenty of product on them".

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13) Brow Powder by Sigma Beauty

The days when women are not fully satisfied with the shades of their brow products are over, thanks to the winner of 2019 Best of Beauty Award in the best eyebrow filler nomination. It contains two tones of gentle brow powder, enabling you to make a personalized mix and obtain an ideal shade, just needs a bit of creativeness — see it as your chance to show your inner artist.

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14) 3-in-1 Pencil by Sisley

Sarah Kinonen, a famous digital beauty director claims that she cannot get out of house without 3-in-1 Pencil by Sisley, because it is too good. She likes Sisley Pencil because it fills all the gaps in her blonde brows avoiding the effect of colouring. The pencil features a highlighter for eyes corners, that is a bonus."

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15) Stila Brow Color

For shaped brows, ValueQ editors seize Stila Brow Color. Its tip is very easy to apply same as liquid liner, so that you can make natural looking hairs in several seconds. And when you are done with the hair-like outlines, you do not need to worry about smudging them, no matter which activities you are doing.

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16) Brow Precise Mascara by Maybelline New York

Brow Precise Mascara by Maybelline New York has the exact degree of color, making it possible to seamlessly completebald areas and gaps with its lightweight formula. And very small bristles on the tip help to comb brow hairs neatly into the proper position.

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17) Brow Wiz by Anastasia Beverly Hills

Brow Wiz by Anastasia Beverly Hills boasts a great tip, that draws lines, looking like your own hair. It is perfect for shaping and filling.

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18) GrandeLash Serum

ValueQ editors choose GrandeLash Serum as the best eyebrow filler, because the formula is perfectly pigmented and contains a serum which will make your brows grow. Despite an outdated product packaging, the product is superb.

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19) Eyebrow Liner by Thrive Causemetics

Eyebrow Liner by Thrive Causemetics features a great non-angled tip which makes it simple to fill in the areas you want to obtain your perfect shape without cleaning up. Moreover it contains pigments, mimicking your brow natural color, so that it applies flawlessly.

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20) Wunderbrow Gel by Marc Jacobs

Wunderbrow Gel by Marc Jacobs styles your brows for the whole day but never makes that crunchy dry feel. When the formulation dries down, it seems like absolutely nothing, nevertheless your brows look perfect.

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