Top 10 Best Knitting Needles Reviews And Buying Guide 2020

May 13


If there’s a passion-hobby that has transcended generations and still remains as organic as it has always been, it’s knitting. And knitting enthusiasts know and experience that there is an art to this craft that involves the best knitting needles and yarn. 

It might confound you that even avid knitters face the same knitting tool challenges as you do. They go through the same rigorous method of going out there and trying out these instruments to ascertain that they’re what’s needed for the next knitting project. Instruments are suitable for the type of product they want to create. 

For newbies who've only now discovered a love for knitting or for those who’ve been into it since day 1, it’s helpful to know about the various types of needles for various functions. Don’t fret because that’s what we’re here for. We’ve got the top 10 best knitting needles reviews and buying guide for your knitting journey.

10 Best Knitting Needles Reviews & Buying Guide - What You Need To Know 

1. CLOVER 3012-02 Size 13” Takumi

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For our top one, we’re focusing on what’s basic and simple. The O.G. of the best knitting needles, if you know what we mean. Whenever in doubt, always go for what’s traditional. Always go for what started it all--- CLOVER 3012 13” Takumi.  

The Favorite Go-To For Beginners And Non-Beginners Alike 

Start with what everybody else used when they were first beginning to get their hand at knitting. Straight needles have an ideal length and diameter. Therefore, they’re very comfortable to use. To spot them, they have a knob at one end and are pointed on the other. 

Wondering what project you can possibly start with the best knitting needles? Your usual hat or bonnet, socks, and scarves! The patterns you’ll make with straight needles have that uncomplicated yet elegant overall look. 


  • Have a smooth finish

  • Splinter-free

  • For beginners; also for those who want to complete projects in a short span of time


  • A few customers have complained about how their size requires more yarn than others.

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2. Knitter’s Pride KP200608 Interchangeable Needles Dreamz Deluxe Pack


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For those who feel like it’s the opportune moment to up your knitting game, then basic might not cut it anymore. For this reason, you’re going to need needles that are interchangeable. Roll the red carpet for the Knitter’s Pride KP200608 Interchangeable Needles Dreamz Deluxe Pack.

Change It Up With Interchangeable Needles 

Variety is what separates what’s regarded as common to what’s praised as extraordinary. This is the truth with interchangeable needles. Whilst in the midst of knitting, you can conveniently switch the needles according to your preferred size. Hence, you won’t have to mess up and break the yarn linkage, for continuous knitting. 


  • Varied needle sizes for an assortment of projects

  • Color-coded for selection convenience

  • 7 pairs per pack


  • A few customers have complained that it doesn’t provide a full range of sizes

Where to buy:


3. ChiaoGoo Red Stainless Steel 6006-1 Double Point 15cm 


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It’s time to bring the bling out for the best knitting needles this 2020. In reference to durability, steel is the material many rely on because their sturdiness and longevity are unlike any other. We’re referring to the ChiaGoo Red Stainless Steel 6006-1 Double Point 15cm.

Perfection Is Real With Its Perfectly Tapered Tips 

When it comes to steel knitting needles, the concern often is centered on its tips. If the points are a little too sharp, aside from the obvious safety issue, it also equates to a higher risk of accidentally snagging and fraying yarn. But not with these best knitting needles. 

Their perfectly tapered tips are thin and rounded enough not to cause any damage to the materials you’re knitting it through. Laser etching during its manufacturing process has warranted such precision. 

If Looks Could Kill… 

You’re looking at a high-grade stainless steel pair that isn’t merely functional. You’re looking at knitters that have a satin finish, they’re exquisite to gaze at. 


  • A beautiful set to add to your needle collection

  • Rust-resistant and easy to maintain

  • 100% environment-friendly


  • A few customers have complained that their length might be too short for certain projects.

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4. Clover 330 Cable Knitting Needles

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For the specific craftwork through using knitting cables, you’ll want to rely on a different make altogether, such as the Clover 330 Cable Knitting Needles.

Get Hooked On This Cable-Hooking Item 

Upon setting your sights on these needles, you’ll instantly notice a distinct feature: they have a dent, also known as a hook, on their midsection. As a result, they allow you to create twisting loops, cables in other words, on your work. 

One, Two, Three… Knit! 

A pack of these quality plastic cable knitting needles includes 3 sizes, from Small, Medium, and Large. You can alternate them in a single knit according to how you want those cables to appear. 


  • 3 for the price of 1

  • Made of sturdy plastic

  • Expressly for cable knitting


  • If you have no plans of trying out cable knitting, then you can forgo of this needle type.

Where to buy:

5. CLOVER Circular Takumi 29” Bamboo Knitting Needles

On the topic of knitting, CLOVER really hits the right spot in every turn. Let’s stretch your knitting tool options and include ones that will help you knit faster, and with much exactness. Especially with “circles”. The CLOVER Circular Takumi 29” Bamboo Knitting Needles. 

Round And Round With These Circular Knitting Needles 

Scarves, scarves, and scarves aplenty, they’re a favorite item when using the best knitting needles. Straight needles are reliable, too. But if you want a speedier method of coming up with those warmers, then circular needles are it. 


  • Instantaneously knits in a circular form

  • Made of bamboo

  • Have steel circular cables that are durable


  • For knitters who want variety in what they knit, this will only allow you to create circular-shaped items

Where to buy:


6. LIHAO Bamboo Straight Knitting Needles Pack Of 36 

For avid knitters, feast your eyes on the best knitting needles set that has pairs - plural - ready for your use. And for groups who share the same passion and enjoy knitting together, the LIHAO Bamboo Knitting Needles Pack Of 36. 

A Whole Pack For Everyone! 

Instead of buying a pair or two at a time, why not go berzerk (the good kind) with a set that includes 36 pairs of bamboo-made straight knitting needles! Take note, they're made of bamboo, so you can be assured of their quality and hardwearing feature. 


  • Diameter is just right for comfort

  • Size is ideal for beginners

  • Rounded edges so it won’t prick 


  • Considered a starter set; not for advanced knitting techniques

Where to buy:

7. Boye Aluminum Knitting Needle Pair 

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Another cream of the crop type that the knitting world has been hyping about, and for good reason, is the Boye Aluminum Knitting Needle Pair. Swiss-manufactured and US-branded, it’s top notch indeed.

Balanced From Tip To Tip 

For a precision-make that its brand boasts of, it definitely follows through with the best results. These best knitting needles have that perfect balance. Balance is what will support you when you knit any-sized object. They’re easy on the hands regardless of loop and pattern size.


  • Available in a variety of sizes 

  • Diameter and tip prevent drop stitches


  • Though its sharp tips are meant to let tight knitting possible, if not careful, they may prick.

Where to buy:

8. addi Turbo Faster Circular Knitting Needles  

The truth is that knitting requires patience. A whole lot of it. You have to sit for hours to complete knitwear, and even more hours for larger pieces. Well, here’s something you’ll find super useful: the addi Turbo Faster Circular Knitting Needles. 

Do You Feel That You Have The Need For Speed...ier Knitting?

If you do, then you’ve found your match! For days when you feel like you just don’t have enough time in your hands, then you can utilize these best knitting needles. They’re the speedy way of knitting because of their pliable cords that are so flexible, they will go through yarn like butter on toast! Smooth like that. 


  • For faster knitting speed 

  • Cords are more flexible compared to others 

  • Prevents snags


  • Only for round-shaped knitting 

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9. Lykke Knitting Needles Double-Point  

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In case steel needles aren’t your thing, or simply want a change of tool type, wood is the next, and only, option for the best knitting needles. Grip-friendliness is a necessary characteristic and this has that on lock and key. 


This isn’t a conventional material you’d expect but for these wooden knitting tools, they work exceptionally. It’s long-lasting, you’ll be able to keep this in your knitting tool box for a long period of time. Plus, it has its own cool gray leather pouch.


  • Carved from driftwood and has a gorgeous natural appearance 

  • Environmental-friendly

  • Lightweight


  • Customers have complained about the needles being too rigid. 

Where to buy:

10. CHIAOGOO Interchangeable Knitting Needles 7400-C

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Experimenting with switching needles and trying out new patterns? Or you’ve been doing this and enjoy going out of the norm? The CHIAOGOO Interchangeable Knitting Needles 7400-C will make your knitting work more consistent. 


A Switch-Around Switcharoo 

The feature that these best knitting needles proudly stands by is how they’re interchangeable. But, hold your horses. It’s not just that. Their needles can be switched around. Yes. However, so can their cords! 

From straight to curved and circular, and possibly even wavy, this lot will help you achieve your desired knitting design for sure! 


  • Pieces can be connected together smoothly

  • Pieces stay joined together well and don’t become loose

  • Cords always go back to their original form


  • A few customers have complained about needing to tighten pieces together so they stay connected

Where to buy:

The Knitter’s Buying Guide For The Best Knitting Needles!

You’ve already gotten yourself into a hobby that’s also a stress reliever. Now,you’ll want to invest in the proper instruments to utilize. By the way, the word “invest” won’t require you to empty your pockets! Which is exactly why we have these tips in looking for the best knitting needles! 

Needle Type 

There are 4 basic kinds of needles and you may have already noticed them from earlier on this post. They’re as follows: Straight, Double-Pointed, Interchangeable, and Cable. 

Straight needles have a round head on one end and a pointed tip on the other, in contrast to Double-pointed pairs that have two opposite tips. Next, Interchangeable ones have needles you can disconnect from tips to change their size. Other packs even have cords that are interchangeable, too. Finally, Cable needles. These have a dent in the middle area of the needle for letting your cross needles over with ease.


The most popular materials used for the best knitting needles are Wood, Metal, Plastic, and Bamboo. 

For wooden needles, make sure to check what kind of wood their carved from. They should promise a smooth finish. Otherwise, they’ll be quick to splinter and hurt your fingers. This is where Bamboo comes in. It’s frequently very level so they’re soft on the hands. 

Plastic also has a smooth finish, but you’ll have to test if their weight’s alright with you.

Next, for a satin-type of feel, stainless steel will do. Although some may be heavier than wooden needles, they’ll do the job just as well. Interchangeable needles are frequently manufactured with this material. 


You’ll have to have a clear view of the size of knitwear you want to create. The bigger the needles, the bigger the loops and twists. Therefore, the bigger the piece you’ll probably be knitting. 

This rule also applies to yarn size. 


Get your knit on with the best knitting needles of 2020! Beginner or pro, choose the right tools that will let your crafting be more convenient and skin-safe. Expand your designs and venture towards knitting different patterns using differently sized needles and yarn! 

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