Things To Keep In Mind When Choosing Your Kids’ First Glasses

Jul 21, 2020


There's no denying that selecting glasses for kids is a massive challenge, especially for the first time. You have to ensure that the glasses not only fit great but also keep them stylish. With so many eyewear brands emerging daily these days, it's hard to track which one is good and which one is worse. Therefore, with that in mind, we have created this comprehensive guide that will help you as a parent to select the perfect set of glasses that your child will love.

Tips To Consider When Choosing Your Kids’ First Glasses

1. Learn About The Fit

As a general of thumb, the glasses you'll be buying for your kids should always be comfortable and should not be too big for their eyes. Moreover, the nose pads on the glasses should be adjustable as generally silicone nose pads are used in children's eyewear. These silicone pads tend to be comfortable and will be able to keep the glasses in your child's nose most of the time.

Ensuring that your child's glasses have a good fit is essential because your child may not want to wear glasses that don't fit well and falls off quickly.

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2. Know About The Durability

When you plan on buying the frames for your kids' glasses, you should always consider whether the same is durable. It should be noted that wireframes aren't that durable for kids as they might get bent quickly. On the other hand, plastic frames tend to be more reliable, but supportive hinges are less adjustable than wireframes. Therefore, it's suggested that you primarily opt for plastic frames and then move to wired ones - once your child gets acquainted with wearing glasses.

Talking about the lenses, always opt for polycarbonate ones as they will not shatter when dropped and can be great for outdoors. Compared to glass lenses, these polycarbonate ones are generally much more durable, even though they might cost slightly more. It has been reported that polycarbonate lenses are 12 times more durable than regular plastic lenses, and they also offer 100 percent UV protection for outdoor wear.

3. Let Your Kids Choose Their Frames

If you can allow your child to let him or her choose the frames based on his or her preferences, it will prove to be a much better decision. This is because, at the end of the day, your child will be wearing the glasses and not you. Therefore, providing creative freedom is essential in this case.

Your child can proceed to pick his or her favorite frame shape as well as the color, thereby allowing to be content with his or her choice. Try to give your child a moderate number of options because too few or too many purchase options can confuse your child.

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4. Look For The Repair Policies From Either The Retailer Or The Manufacturer

There's no doubt that glasses are easily breakable, and when it comes to kids' glasses, you need to look for repair policies from the manufacturer or the retailer. This will provide you and your child with a peace of mind knowing that if the glasses break, they can be quickly replaced with almost little to no additional cost.

Moreover, also proceed to ask for warranties when you continue to purchase kids' glasses.

5. Opt For A Coated Glass Lens

Before you finally decide on the type of lenses that will go into your kids' glasses, it's essential that you know that the lenses will also include some coating on them. Some lenses come with anti-reflective coating, while there would be other options where the lenses will have an anti-scratch coating.

Lenses come with UV protection coating as well, as they can protect your child's eyes from the harmful UV rays of the sun.

6. Letting Your Child Know When To Wear Glasses

When your child is buying his or her glasses for the first time, as a parent, you have to let your child feel comfortable when wearing them. Before you plan to do so, it's always better to consult an eye doctor first. By consulting an eye doctor, you'll be able to get the relevant recommendations on how long or how many times a day your child should be wearing his or her glasses for the first time.

In case you’re wondering, ‘when do I know that my kid needs glasses?', then you call to visit the following website for more details:

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7. Options To Look For If Your Child Plays Sports

In case your child likes to play outdoor games most of his or her time, then it should be ensured that the glasses you'll be purchasing should be able to support that cause. Therefore, you need to talk to an eye doctor regarding the same, as regular glasses will not be enough to withstand any sports injuries.

Times like these are when it's suggested that you opt for sports goggles for your child. Follow your doctor's advice, and your child will be good to go.

8. Making Your Child Learn About Keeping Glasses Clean

If you want your child's glasses to last longer than they should, you have to ensure that you teach your child how to take care of his or her glasses. The first step would be to keep a gentle handy lens wipe with your child so that he or she can quickly clean the glasses on the go. It's suggested that you should never promote the use of any rubbing alcohol or any window cleaner on your child's glasses. This is because these cleaners come with certain toxic chemicals that will turn out to be harmful to your child's eyes and face in the long-run. On the other hand, using microfibre cloths is the best option to keep glasses clean and scratch-free.

In case you need to clean your child's glasses because sometimes they might stink due to excessive accumulation of skin oils and sweat, it's recommended to use lukewarm water and a bar of mild dish soap. It's the most affordable and most accessible way to clean your child's glasses. Furthermore, always encourage your child never to use his or her shirt or top to clean his or her glass lenses. The reason is that the cloth fiber may contain dust particles, which may end up scratching the lenses' surface.

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9. Start To Encourage Your Child To Wear Glasses

Your child will be a little wary of wearing glasses for the first time, which is why it's essential to tell them that they look great in their new glasses. Try to praise and encourage your child when he or she wears his or her glasses, because it will make your child less judgemental about other people's perspectives.

It would be best if you showed or demonstrate your child regarding how exciting it is to wear glasses. When your child sees you discussing glasses and how awesome it is to wear them, he or she will most likely start to wear them as well.

In case you feel that your encouragement isn't working at all, you should resort to other measures rather than forcing your child to wear the glasses. Forcing your child to do something that he or she doesn't like will lead to fear and anxiety. Therefore, it's a better idea to give your child some time to adjust to the same, so that they can start wearing them quickly.

10. Learning The Benefits Of Wearing Ideal Glasses

Wearing the correct pair of glasses is vital in improving your child's vision - provided your child wears them as prescribed by the doctor. This will alleviate various eye concerns, including eye strain, blurriness, and eye fatigue.

Once you've bought the first pair of glasses of your child, it's suggested that you visit your eye doctor for any required tips & tricks. For example, if you want to know whether your child should be wearing his or her glasses when using the computer, the eye doctor will answer the same.

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Buying the ideal pair of glasses for your child becomes a much easier task when you know what to look for. We sincerely hope that our list of the above tips and tricks has come in handy for you. Understanding the pointers mentioned above is necessary if you're looking to purchase a product that can last for your child for a long time. Furthermore, buying the right quality product with the ideal after-sales support will help you provide peace of mind and a sense of confidence in the said product or brand. There are multiple known brands out there when it comes to kids' glasses, which is why you should always do a comprehensive research before purchasing an eye-care product for your child. Lastly, ensure that your child follows the wearing directions offered by the eye doctor, and he or she will be good to go. 


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