The 10 Best Jobs Working From Home for 2020

Jul 21


Either you are looking for a passive income or want a convenient full-time job, working from home is a great option. Minimized distractions, increased productivity, work-life balance and flexibility are some of the benefits of working from home. Working remotely allows you to prepare your schedules and become more independent. 75% of people state that working remotely or from home boost productivity due to fewer distractions and a comfortable environment.

If not as a full-time job than as a source of earning a passive income, working from home is becoming quite common these days. There are plenty of profiles and businesses that can be started at home. So if you are too willing to start a home-based full time or part-time job, here are the 10 best work from home jobs you can consider.

1.  Try your Hands on Affiliate Marketing

Every possible imaginable product is on the internet these days, and you can buy these products online. One of the things that bring the products to you is affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is a job in which you recommend or promote a product to potential customers through your social media accounts, blogs or videos. When the customers buy the product using your referral link, you earn a little commission on the product from the manufacturer.

Platforms like Pongo Share Global offer a range of trending and high-potential product categories to choose from. You can select the desired product and promote it to the audiences. It is a very flexible and low-investment job that you can do from home and earn money. Though it will take some time for you to grow a loyal customer base, working consistently to promote the products and experimenting with various products will eventually lead to success. This is a great way to make money while sleeping.


2.      Become a Virtual Assistant

In the internet era, there are plenty of businesses that operate online, so to run these businesses, companies need virtual assistants. If you are a great assistant and can work remotely while doing administrative tasks with perfection, you can consider becoming a virtual assistant. Virtual assistants are contractors that generally work from home and offer administrative services to one or more clients.

Virtual assistants are self-employed administrators that offer creative assistance, technical assistance and help companies handle small and mid-sized businesses. The job profile mostly includes responding to emails, social media account management, making travel reservations and bookings, managing contact lists, creating presentations, providing customer service, creating and distributing business related documents, responding to business inquiries, scheduling meetings etc. If you are good at such administrative tasks, you can earn a considerable amount of money while becoming a virtual assistant.

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3.      Start Working as a Translator

A lot of translators work from their home and remotely. A language translator translates content written in one language to other languages. Most professional translators have a degree though if you are good at two languages and can fluently write in both languages, you can work as a translator without having a degree.

The job profile of a translator does not have to be confused with that of an interpreter. An interpreter translates orally through sign language and translator translates written content, and thus, you can become a translator and work from home. You can be a translator for an IT company, an estate agency, a travel and tourism industry, for hospitals, for a government firm etc. there are plenty of freelancing websites that offer job postings for translator profile every day, so if you are good at it, this is a great work from home job.

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4.   Become a Medical Transcriptionist

It is a fact that most of the medical transcriptionists work at hospitals and clinics; a lot of them still work from home. Transcribing the recorded medical dictation can be done from anywhere, and thus, they don't need a designated office space to do it. They simply need a desk, a computer and specific other essential tools for transcribing and thus, are a great job to do from home. A lot of transcriptionists are self-employed, and therefore, it makes a great work from home job.

Also, if you work with any clinic or hospital, you can work from home and show up to the clinic once a while for submitting the work or for any queries.  If you have received the training from an accredited transcription school, you can contact the doctors and clinic in your nearby areas and get a decent paying job that you can do from your home.

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5.      Become a Travel Agent

There are plenty of opportunities for a travel agent who can efficiently use the internet to grab more clients and offer the best deals. If you offer expertise in certain places of the world and can plan tours conveniently, this is a home-based job you can start. Especially if you have previously worked with a tourism firm and are experienced in planning tours, arranging stay and creating flexible packages for customers, this is a lucrative job to get into.

There are so many self-employed travel agents all around, and most of these are experienced in reservation and travel arrangement services. The income you can generate in this profession is quite high if you get the right clients. A degree in tourism is great to have, but you will also have to familiarize with several destinations and cultures of the world. There are types of travel agents so you will have to decide if you want to be a corporate travel agent or a leisure travel agent and then start looking for potential clients.

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6.      Start a Career as a Freelance Writer

The popularity of freelancing writing is increasing more than ever before. With the rise of blogs and online articles, freelance writers are getting a range of opportunities for home-based jobs. The freelance portals are flooded with job postings related to freelance writing. News and media, lifestyle companies, businesses, teaching industries, hospitality and almost all the industries and businesses are spreading their online presence and thus need freelance writers to write content for them.

You can create a profile on freelancing websites and can approach companies for writing contracts. Though companies have their in-house writers, some companies and businesses also look for freelance writers.  Websites like and   have a list of freelancing positions open every day. Simply create a profile, upload your resume and attach some writing samples of your work, and you can get hired. Also, the pay scale for freelance writers is quite high. You can get paid on an hourly basis as well as based on per article depending on your proficiency.

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7.      Become a Social Media Manager

Each and every brand these days wants to boost their online presence and what can be a better option than going social media? The brands explore their online presence through social media marketing, and big companies and brands have a dedicated team to manage their social media accounts. To reach their valued customers directly, they need social media managers who can handle the social media accounts and stay in touch with their customers 24x7. If you are experienced in managing social media accounts, this is a great home-based job that'll help you earn a heavy sum.

Rather than paying tons to the advertising agents, brands can advertise themselves through social media, and this is why this job profile has become famous these days. You can get in touch with such brands that require a social media manager and can get started. You will simply have to stay in touch with the customers and expand the brand's reach further. Freelancing websites also have job postings for this profile, and the pay rate is also quite satisfactory.

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8.      Turn into a Call-Centre Representative

There are companies and businesses that need customer service representatives 24x7 to assist and answer to their customers. Most of the businesses operate online, and thus, the number of job openings for call centre representatives has also increased. You can set up your call centre at home and work either part-time or full-time as a call centre representative for a specific company or business.

If you are great with assisting the customers on calls and have experience as a customer service representative, you can set up your call centre at home and approach companies that need remotely working representatives. All the freelancing marketplaces have job openings for this post, and you can also get the jobs through other portals. You may have to undergo training of 2-3 months to learn about the company products and to assist the customers, and then you can start working from home.  The pay scale for this profile is considerable.

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9.      Become a Blogger

Many bloggers have now quit their full-time jobs to pursue a career as a blogger, and this shows the effectiveness and need of this profile. There are bloggers who write blogs about fashion, digital products, technology, lifestyle, food and health, medical topics, and so much more. If you have expertise in any field, you can start blogging on that topic and can provide your customers with valuable information. This is a highly profitable work from home job, but you will need to work hard and grow your fan base to start earning from the blogs.

In the starting years, you may not earn a huge sum from the blogs, but when you find the right way to monetize it and promote it, you will be able to generate revenues sitting at home. You can further expand the blog by affiliate marketing, sponsored posts and product sales to draw more audience and generate more income from the blogs. Make sure that you choose a topic in which you are interested and the topic that is trending and can bring you money.

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10.  Become an online coach

These days, you may have witnessed an expansion in online teaching. There are so many online learning platforms launched for different topics and subjects. If you are good at teaching and want to earn some passive income by tutoring, online coaching is a great way to work from home. The digital coaching industry is taking the world by a storm and thus, now is just the right time to become an online tutor. Identify the topic or subject in which you have expertise. Go for some research and start building materials.

There are life coaches. Business coaches, financial coaches, executive coaches, career coaches etc. that are already available. So it is important to choose a field first. You can teach students online, you can coach business executives, you can get involved in corporate coaching or can pick a domain like yoga coaching, fitness coaching etc. make sure that you conduct a lot of research and then build valuable and informative content using which people can get benefited.

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The number of professionals working from home has drastically risen since a few years because there are plenty of opportunities and options. Reduced stress, better productivity, flexibility, efficient use of time and money encourages people to work from home. If you are willing to start a business or are looking for a part-time job, these works from home jobs are great, to begin with.

You can choose the job based on your interest, education and experience level and start working from home. The best part is that you can earn a fair share of income by working at home. You can either work on your own projects or can work for businesses and companies from home. So, find the profile of your interest, set your goals and start earning extra income through work from home jobs.

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