TEWELL Wood Bluetooth Speakers Review

Apr 20

Finding the perfect speaker with the vintage look yet modern touch is a bizarre desire most people have. You must be one of us who collects vinyl records and decides to the full extent to make their house look classy and vintage with essential accessories and equipment. Maybe a turntable will look awesome, or an old amplifier in the corner. There surfaces one problem. The equipment gives us the feel we need, but they may not sound as good as the modern-day Bluetooth speakers. 

Therefore, here is when we want to bring back the notion of getting hold of a vintage speaker with modern technology. With a refined taste and need to bring back the vintage in your life, TEWELL Wood Bluetooth Speaker has been tailor-made for you. Let us find out what it is all about! 

Specifications of the speakers are as follows-

  • Size- 10.2x5.9x5.9 inches

  • Weight- 4.63 pounds

  • Speakers- a pair of 12W speakers on the front and a bass reflex system

  • Connectivity- Wireless

  • ASIN- B06XT2177G

  • Colors- Brown and Black



Overview of the Features of the TEWELL Wood Bluetooth Speakers 

The TEWELL Wood Bluetooth Speakers is a true depiction of the retro or the vintage style. It has got a very good look. The speakers are very easy to use with a pretty decent Bluetooth connectivity and an over the top sound and bass. The TEWELL Wood Bluetooth Speakers are the perfect choice for someone with a quirk for the vintage era. Its retro look is the main reason most people buy it and then end up discovering its other qualities like the amazing sound system it has as well the bass. Because of its simplicity yet stylish look, the speaker is a favorite among the mass.

Features of the TEWELL Wood Bluetooth Speakers 

The features of the speakers are as follows-

  • Bluetooth 4.2V-

  • It has a Bluetooth version 4.2 that helps you to stream music from your device like a mobile or any other device via Bluetooth to listen to your music.

  • 3.5mm Nylon Braided Input Cable-

  • The product comes with a 3.5mm AUX cable for you to connect. It is braided with nylon to bring an analog feel to it. Also, the double-ended stereo braided cable wire prevents the wire from snapping. 

  • Toggle switch-

  • The toggle switch on the gold-tinted panel brings the classy vintage touch to the speakers. 

  • Leather finish-

  • The leather wrapping on the rectangular speakers brings a very vintage feel.

  • Powerful audio-

  • The sound of the speaker is so well-balanced and powerful that it performs way better as a speaker of its size. 

TEWELL Wood Bluetooth Speakers Review image 1

What are the benefits of the TEWELL Wood Bluetooth Speakers-

  • The Speaker, 3.5mm AUX cable, the plug, and the AC Adapter have an 18-month warranty period.

  • The powerful sound system is very good as it has a wooden built with the bass reflex system that accounts for all the round and warm sound.

  • It has a pretty simple interface with a golden toggle switch, a volume knob, a play, pause, skip, and the Bluetooth buttons.

  • The vintage design of the speaker with its wooden built is an eye-catcher.

  • Also, the wooden cabinet construction helps produce a very warm tone and a natural sound.

Pros and Cons of the TEWELL Wood Bluetooth Speakers -

The Pros of the TEWELL Wood Bluetooth Speakers are as follows-

  • The price of the product- $49.99- is perfect as it is a value for its money.

  • The powerful sound system is super-enhanced by its wooden construction, which adds warmth to the sound.

  • It has a very accurate depiction of the retro-finish with its wooden construct, the gold-tinted panel with a toggle switch, the mesh of cloth on the speaker from where the sound comes, and its leather finish. 

  • It has an 18-month refund and replacement policy as well

  • The bass of the speaker has outdone any other Bluetooth speaker that is available in the market in this price and size!

  • The interface of the speaker is very effortless and easy to use.

  • Their warranty and customer support are genuinely good.

However, there are cons- 

  • The Bluetooth is not as powerful as it claims to be within the 30-feet range. The signal tends to get weaker after crossing the 10-feet limit.

  • You cannot answer a call as it does not support that format.

  • The device is a Bluetooth speaker; however, not portable as it is supported by a power plug and not a battery.

The Pricing of the TEWELL Wood Bluetooth Speakers

The price of this product is reasonable, as it comes at $49.99. 

TEWELL Wood Bluetooth Speakers Review image 2

How to Install the TEWELL Wood Bluetooth Speakers?

  • There is an AC Adapter, a 3.5mm plug that comes with the product. You will have to plug them to the speaker and connect to a power supply.

  • The gold toggle switch has to be switched on.

  • To play music, if you want to connect your device via the AUX cable that comes with it, you can do that.

  • If you want to play music via Bluetooth connection, press the Bluetooth button. The LED light around the volume knob blinks until you connect it to the device. 

  • There is the play, pause, and skip button on that top panel. 

  • Who can use the TEWELL Wood Bluetooth Speakers

  • Everyone can use the speaker. It is a better option for people with an affinity for vintage-themed accessories. It is an excellent gift to give to someone who grew up in the vintage era!

Where to order the TEWELL Wood Bluetooth Speakers 

One can order the TEWELL Wood Bluetooth Speakers on Amazon.



Customer Support-

support@tewelldirect.com is the email you can mail for inquiries.

You have to call up your assigned seller whose number you will get once you buy the device. If you need any replacements for any product within the warranty period, you call up your seller, and he/she will do the needful within 3 to 4 days. 


1. Is it compatible with a TV via Bluetooth?

Yes, it is.

2. Do we need to charge the speaker?

No. It has to be plugged into a power supply to run.

3. How to pair my device?

You have to press the Bluetooth button and see a blue LED light around the volume knob blink until it is connected

4. Does it come with a remote?

No, it does not, but it comes with an AUX cable, and it supports Bluetooth connectivity.

TEWELL Wood Bluetooth Speakers Review image 3


Therefore, the TEWELL Wood Bluetooth Speakers are the best choice in the market if you want the full-fledged vintage feel installed in your home decor. Not only that, but the sound that this ‘beauty’ offers is also beyond imagination. It does have not only a vintage feel but also a great sound system. 

It is a great way to rest in your armchair with this speaker playing your favorite numbers back to back in the evening while you have a great conversation with your near and dear ones, enjoying the warm, natural sound of the speaker. 

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